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School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H)
MS Clinical Psychology

The Department of Behavioral Sciences currently offers post graduate program in Clinical Psychology with an aspiration to enhance expertise of existing and future psychologist through a curriculum that integrates scientific knowledge with professional skills and attitudes necessary to function both in academic and applied setting.

The program at DBS NUST focuses on both specialized individual care and community approach to equip the graduating trainees in both clinical and community settings. The rationale of the program is to bridge the gap between academia and services by offering training in Clinical Psychology to produce professionals who can work with the spirit of innovation and creativity to implement evidence based practices in mental health domain.

One distinctive feature of the Department of Behavioral Sciences at NUST is the community mental health orientation i.e. we plan to offer two tracks of specialization in its MS and PhD training i.e. Clinical and Clinical Community. At DBS, the Clinical track offers specialization in individual adult and child psycho-diagnostics and assessments; and Clinical Community track would focus on Interventions in community settings for both behavioral and emotional issues and foster resilience among the at-risk segments of society. Our focus is on individuals and communities, and the relationship between the two.  In addition, mental health practitioners who graduate from DBS will demonstrate qualities of leadership, professionalism, critical thinking and empathy. Our goal is to prepare a team of mental health practitioners who are capable enough to establish services and adjunct facilities for improving mental health of children, adolescents and adults.