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School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H)
About Department

The Department of Behavioral Science (DBS) was created in response to the need for an interdisciplinary training program at NUST. The field of Behavioral Sciences aims at understanding how human beings think and behave as individuals in different ecological and socio-cultural settings.  The core disciplines that contribute to Behavioral Science include Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology, but many other disciplines also play an important role, such as the behavioral aspects of biology, economics, geography, law and political science.­

At present, we are exploring how we can create a bridge between field of Behavioral Sciences and other disciplines, therefore inputs from field of Behavioral Sciences can be used to maximize outputs from other field like Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Medical Sciences, Media Sciences, Art and Architecture.  The interdisciplinary research and practice can be one way to achieve the objectives, however, there is lot more needed to be done to enable scientists and practitioners from different disciplines to learn from each other’s languages, attend the resonances that separate their sciences, and develop new conceptual frameworks across their disciplinary boundaries. The Department of Behavioral Sciences (DBS) at NUST understands its importance and look forward to find ways for continuous improvement in specialized courses, interdisciplinary research activities and publications. The aim is to build a learning community that invites students and scholars from different disciplines and work on collaborative projects to make valuable contributions for the community at large.