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Economics Publications

01:2014.  Exploring New Pathways to Gender Equality in Education: Does ICT Matter?  by Ayesha Qaisrani and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2014), 35 pp.​

02: 2014. An Investigation into the Export Supply Determinants of Selected South Asian Economies by Aleena Sajjad and Zafar Mahmood (2014), 33 pp.​​

03:2014.  Cultural Goods Trade as a Transformative Force in the Global Economy: A Case of Pakistan by Saba Salim and Zafar Mahmood (2014), 32 pp.​

04:2014.  Explaining Trends and Factors Affecting Export Diversification in Asean and Saarc Regions: An Empirical Analysis by Shabana Noureen and Zafar Mahmood (2014), 29 pp.​

05:2014.  In Search of Exchange Rate Undershooting in Pakistan by Wajiha Haq and Iftikhar Hussain Adil (2014), 20 pp.​

01:2015   A Time  Series Analysis of Aggregate Consumption Function for Pakistan by Zakia Zafar and Tanweer Ul Islam (2015), 13 pp.  ​

02: 2015. Impact of Human Capital Investment on the Exports of Goods and Services: An Analysis of Selected Outsourcing Countries by Samina Siddique and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 31 pp.​

03: 2015  Energy Demand Elasticity in Pakistan: An Inter-temporal Analysis from Household Survey Data of PIHS 2001-02 and PSLM 2010-11 by Ashfaque H. Khan, Umer Khalid and Lubna Shahnaz (2015), 34 pp.​

04: 2015  The Size of Trade Misinvoicing in Pakistan by Tehseen Ahmed Qureshi and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 31 pp.​

05: 2015.Services Sector Liberalization and Its Impact on Services GDP Growth in Pakistan by Maryam Mahfooz and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 30 pp.​

06: 2015.Alternative to Kibor for Islamic Banking: A Case Study of Pakistan by Asaad Ismail Ali and Zahid Siddique (2015), 25 pp.​

07: 2015.Impact of Climatic Shocks on Child Human Capital: Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam by Mina Zamand and Asma Hyder (2015), 27 pp.​

08: 2015.  Energy Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Pakistan: A Decomposition Analysis Using LMDI by Arslan Khan and Faisal Jamil (2015), 20 pp.​​​

09: 2015 . Decomposition Analysis of Energy Consumption Growth in Pakistan during 1990-2013 by Arbab Muhammad Shahzad and Faisal Jamil (2015), 24 pp.​

10: 2015.  Economic Rationality and Early Age Work-Education Choice: Rethinking the Links by Zahid Sidique, Faisal Jamil and Ayesha Nazuk (2015), 22pp.​

11: 2015.   Trade Costs of Pakistan with its Major Trading Partners: Measurement and its Determinants by Saba Altaf and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 32​

01: 2016.The Statistical Value of Injury Risk in Construction and Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan by Ahmad Mujtaba Khan and Asma Hyder (2016), 15 pp.​

02: 2016. Socio-economic Determinants of Maternal Healthcare Behavior: Evidence from Pakistan by

Sadaf Munir Ahmad and Asma Hyder (2016), 19 pp.​

03: 2016. Rising Debt: A Serious Threat to the National Security by Ashfaque H. Khan (2016), 31 pp.​

05: 2016. When Enough is Not Enough: An Exploratory Analysis of Corruption Behavior in Select Urban Populations by Kh. Ayaz Ahmed and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2016), 43 pp.​

06: 2016. Determinants of Income Inequality among the Earners in Pakistan by Saira Naseer and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2016), 38 pp.​

07: 2016.  Natural Resource Dependence and Human Capital Accumulation – An Analysis for the Selected SAARC, ASEAN and OPEC Countries by Rabia Qaiser and Zafar Mahmood (2016), 31 pp.​

08: 2016 Horizontal and Vertical Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Sectoral Productivity in Selected SAARC Countries by Noreen Kasi and Zafar Mahmood (2016), 34 pp.​

09: 2016. Technology Transfer, Development, Deployment, and Productivity Performance in Pakistan by Irfan Ali and Zafar Mahmood (2016), 35 pp.​​

10:2016. Welfare Impact of Electricity Subsidy Reforms: A Micro Model Study by Syed Adnan Khalid and Verda Salman (2016), 31 pp.

11: 2016 .Public Debt and Economic Growth Incorporating Endogeneity & Non-linearity by Saira Saeed and Tanweer Ul Islam (2016), 13 pp.

01: 2017      What Explains the Success and Failure of the World Bank Projects? A Cross Country  Analysis by Rabbia Tariq and Abdul Jalil (2017), 32 pp.​

02: 2017  A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model of Pakistan’s Economy by Gulzar Khan and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2017), 32 pp.