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School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H)
Economics Publications

01:2014.  Exploring New Pathways to Gender Equality in Education: Does ICT Matter?  by Ayesha Qaisrani and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2014), 35 pp.​

02: 2014. An Investigation into the Export Supply Determinants of Selected South Asian Economies by Aleena Sajjad and Zafar Mahmood (2014), 33 pp.​​

03:2014.  Cultural Goods Trade as a Transformative Force in the Global Economy: A Case of Pakistan by Saba Salim and Zafar Mahmood (2014), 32 pp.​

04:2014.  Explaining Trends and Factors Affecting Export Diversification in Asean and Saarc Regions: An Empirical Analysis by Shabana Noureen and Zafar Mahmood (2014), 29 pp.​

05:2014.  In Search of Exchange Rate Undershooting in Pakistan by Wajiha Haq and Iftikhar Hussain Adil (2014), 20 pp.​

01:2015   A Time  Series Analysis of Aggregate Consumption Function for Pakistan by Zakia Zafar and Tanweer Ul Islam (2015), 13 pp.  ​

02: 2015. Impact of Human Capital Investment on the Exports of Goods and Services: An Analysis of Selected Outsourcing Countries by Samina Siddique and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 31 pp.​

03: 2015  Energy Demand Elasticity in Pakistan: An Inter-temporal Analysis from Household Survey Data of PIHS 2001-02 and PSLM 2010-11 by Ashfaque H. Khan, Umer Khalid and Lubna Shahnaz (2015), 34 pp.​

04: 2015  The Size of Trade Misinvoicing in Pakistan by Tehseen Ahmed Qureshi and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 31 pp.​

05: 2015.Services Sector Liberalization and Its Impact on Services GDP Growth in Pakistan by Maryam Mahfooz and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 30 pp.​

06: 2015.Alternative to Kibor for Islamic Banking: A Case Study of Pakistan by Asaad Ismail Ali and Zahid Siddique (2015), 25 pp.​

07: 2015.Impact of Climatic Shocks on Child Human Capital: Evidence from Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam by Mina Zamand and Asma Hyder (2015), 27 pp.​

08: 2015.  Energy Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Pakistan: A Decomposition Analysis Using LMDI by Arslan Khan and Faisal Jamil (2015), 20 pp.​​​

09: 2015 . Decomposition Analysis of Energy Consumption Growth in Pakistan during 1990-2013 by Arbab Muhammad Shahzad and Faisal Jamil (2015), 24 pp.​

10: 2015.  Economic Rationality and Early Age Work-Education Choice: Rethinking the Links by Zahid Sidique, Faisal Jamil and Ayesha Nazuk (2015), 22pp.​

11: 2015.   Trade Costs of Pakistan with its Major Trading Partners: Measurement and its Determinants by Saba Altaf and Zafar Mahmood (2015), 32​

01: 2016.The Statistical Value of Injury Risk in Construction and Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan by Ahmad Mujtaba Khan and Asma Hyder (2016), 15 pp.​

02: 2016. Socio-economic Determinants of Maternal Healthcare Behavior: Evidence from Pakistan by

Sadaf Munir Ahmad and Asma Hyder (2016), 19 pp.​

03: 2016. Rising Debt: A Serious Threat to the National Security by Ashfaque H. Khan (2016), 31 pp.​

05: 2016. When Enough is Not Enough: An Exploratory Analysis of Corruption Behavior in Select Urban Populations by Kh. Ayaz Ahmed and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2016), 43 pp.​

06: 2016. Determinants of Income Inequality among the Earners in Pakistan by Saira Naseer and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2016), 38 pp.​

07: 2016.  Natural Resource Dependence and Human Capital Accumulation – An Analysis for the Selected SAARC, ASEAN and OPEC Countries by Rabia Qaiser and Zafar Mahmood (2016), 31 pp.​

08: 2016 Horizontal and Vertical Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Sectoral Productivity in Selected SAARC Countries by Noreen Kasi and Zafar Mahmood (2016), 34 pp.​

09: 2016. Technology Transfer, Development, Deployment, and Productivity Performance in Pakistan by Irfan Ali and Zafar Mahmood (2016), 35 pp.​​

10:2016. Welfare Impact of Electricity Subsidy Reforms: A Micro Model Study by Syed Adnan Khalid and Verda Salman (2016), 31 pp.

11: 2016 .Public Debt and Economic Growth Incorporating Endogeneity & Non-linearity by Saira Saeed and Tanweer Ul Islam (2016), 13 pp.

01: 2017      What Explains the Success and Failure of the World Bank Projects? A Cross Country  Analysis by Rabbia Tariq and Abdul Jalil (2017), 32 pp.​

02: 2017  A Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model of Pakistan’s Economy by Gulzar Khan and Ather Maqsood Ahmed (2017), 32 pp.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​04: 2017     The Relative Effectiveness of Public versus Private Social Safety Nets in Mitigating the Impact of Shocks in Rural Pakistan by Ayesha Imran Malik, Iqra Shahid and Samina Naveed (2017), 30 pp.

05: 2017      Domestic Violence and Woman’s Functional Capabilities: Circularity Analysis in Sen’s Development Framework by Mahnoor Ibad and Saeeda Batool (2017), 27pp.

02: 2018   Role of Hi-Tech Trade, Foreign Investment and Intellectual Property in Stimulating Innovation and Economic Growth in the South Asian Economies by Nimra Shahid and Zafar Mahmood (2018), 37 pp​.

03: 2018  Factors Affecting International Outsourcing Decision: Evidence from Plant-level Data of Pakistan's Surgical Instruments Industry by Sidra Nazir and Zafar Mahmood (2018), 29 pp.​

07: 2019     Modern Money and Islamic Banking in the Light of Islamic Law of Riba by Muhammad Zahid Siddique (2019), 23 pp.