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School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H)
Nust Development Studies Society (NDS)

“We, the educated, are privileged; it is indeed an obligation to apply our education wisely.”
                                                                                                  Alexis De Tocqueville

Mission Statement
More than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching misery. They have inadequate food, suffer from variety of diseases, live a life that is stagnant and which can’t support their sustenance, the state of poverty surrounding them is a threat to both themselves and the world at large. After passage of several decades, humanity holds with it the requisite knowledge to address, overcome and suggest remedies for providing relief to these people.
The basic purpose of teaching an interdisciplinary, career-oriented MS Development Studies program at S3H, NUST is to cultivate a class of development sector professionals, specialists, and activists capable of promoting social change by tackling these development challenges. In our rapidly evolving world, Development Studies has gained much importance as a field of study over the past few decades. As technology takes us to new heights, the challenge of “making the most of scarce resources” has captured crucial significance. The purpose of the NUST Development Studies Society is to promote an inclusive approach to development and other social sciences. While our students learn from the rigorous coursework at postgraduate level, the need of the hour is to be more involved. NDS aspires to build a diverse community of students with shared interests and enthusiasm towards development.

Aims and Objectives
We believe that study of Development Sciences has much to contribute in making sense of the major challenges that our generation faces. To this end, the NUST Development Studies Society aims to provide academic, professional and social support to students of NUST through various lectures from external and internal resource persons, workshops and research based seminars, intercollegiate networking events, writing and debating competitions, career and internship panels and topical discussions with faculty and professional economists. The objectives of NDS include:
  • To provide a forum for students dedicated to exploring their passion for development challenges being faced by our country beyond the classroom.
  • To increase students’ interaction with diverse professionals from industry.
  • To enhance the learning capacity of our students by facilitating engaging discussions and debates of cutting-edge research in Development Studies.
  • To create stronger ties with the NGOs network in Pakistan and build linkages with various organizations to help students secure jobs, internships and scholarships.​
Funds will be raised initially by faculty sponsors and office bearers.