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School of Social Sciences & Humanities (S3H)
Nust Media Club (NMC)

Founded in 2010, NUST Media Club has grown from a photography and videography service to an all-round student experience. NMC, being one of the largest and most active clubs at NUST, provides students an opportunity to step out of the academic sphere and explore the spirit of adventure and creativity. The club is being sponsored by Department of Mass Communication, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H). 

As of 2019, NMC is officially the largest society at NUST with the highest social media following, boasting 50,000+ likes on its Facebook page, and 4000+ followers on Instagram. NUST Media Club also owns a YouTube channel by the name of ‘NUST TV’, and ​​is the leading society at NUST.​ 
NMC is a platform for hosting competitions, interactive sessions and festivals to nourish and satiate students’ creative abilities. The NMC PhotoWalk, NUST Got Talent, Photography Workshops, Film Festivals and NMC's web-based magazine PaperCrush are only a few of the achievements that the club has to its name. NUST Media Club has students' best interests at heart and organizes events and workshops that are crucial for a wholesome experience, outside the bounds of ​routine academic activity.



  PaperCrush: Online Magazine

NMC has its own web-based magazine called PaperCrush which aims to provide an opportunity to the students to nourish their creative and imaginative faculties in the form of content writing. The magazine has its own website that can be accessed at A talented team of writers writes stories, articles and reports, converting a variety of events and activities taking place at NUST. Last year, NMC successfully managed to compile NUST’s first-ever yearbook consisting of batch photos and tales from across the campus. The articles from the yearbook can be found at PaperCrush



Dr. Hammad Mushtaq, Assistant Professor, is currently looking after the affairs of the society.


Each year, five Office Bearers (OBs) are selected based on their dedication and commitment toward the society as well as their performance in the previous tenure. Job of the OBs is to fulfil the objectives of the society by organizing activities and events and to ensure that everyone gets the learning experience NMC strives for. The Office Bearers for the academic year 2019-20 are:

 Mohemin Mehmood(President)

Ahrar Sheikh (Vice President)

 Muhammad Talha (General Secretary)

 Sajjl Nooranne (Press Secretary)

 Noor Waqar (Treasurer)

 Alizah Gul Memon (Editor-in-Chief, PaperCrush​)