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Course Description

Bachelor of Industrial Design (B. ID)

First Professional Degree in Industrial Design

Important Courses

The key courses offered for Industrial Design revolve around developing Design solutions, Ideation, Prototyping and Project Management. Essential knowledge and skills will be imparted, dealing with history of Design, Research Methodology, Sketching & Visualization, Technical Drawing, Materials & Processes, as well as Marketing & Entrepreneurship.

 Unique Features

Continuing in the studio-based learning tradition of SADA, students in this program will develop a Design-centric approach to real-world problem-solving at numerous levels of complexity. With collaboration and input from established NUST schools, the industry, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, the program promises to enrich students in a multitude of skills. Radical and Creative thinking will be promoted through experimentation in the studios and workshops, as well as workshops and seminars. Rapid-prototyping and digital ideation technologies will also be introduced to the students to enable competitiveness in the international market. The SADA campus is continuously being evolved to cater to the fast-paced challenges of the international market and aims to be recognized amongst the best design schools in the region, by producing competitive Designers and Architects.

 Associated Careers

Upon completion of the B. ID Degree and relevant office practice experience, students may option to work directly with numerous industry-oriented offices in various capacities.