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SADA Tomorrow


SADA is planning to have a series of summer workshops over the period of five years in Building Construction and Professional Development which is an actual practical experience. The twenty-day workshop after the second semester will form the basis of hands-on approach to woodwork, carpentry, masonry and plastering. It will provide students with a sound base for the second year building construction, materials and the Architecture design studio courses. Furthermore, it will give the students a clear view of the various elements used in construction.

The Library at present is subscribing to journals from the US, UK, France and Italy. It is in the process of acquiring books in the HEC Higher Education Commission booklist and those used by other international schools. In the first year, it hopes to acquire 2,000 books and in the next year 3000 more. It has access to a large number of e-books through the main library of NUST and databases.

 Architecture is recognized by the school as examining processes for the production of spaces, and places that relate to our emotional and conscious existence in which a diverse range of human activities take place. The curriculum deals with it at various levels of complexity and the school will use every resource to achieve this aim over ten semesters.

The School of Textile Design is expected to be established in 2012. The expected year of establishment for the School of Product Design is 2013.