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Research Publications

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A Holistic Approach: Architecture Pedagogy at 

University of Science and Technology, NUST-Pakistan

Of Analysis & Analogy, A Critical Investigation of Design Pedagogy in Pakistan​

Globalization and Mass migration: Identifying Opportunity in the New Multicultural Context

Teaching Without a Teaching Degree 


International Seminar on Architecture

Education Practice and Research

Ar.Sikander Ajam Khan 

02-04, Feb. 2012, Bangladesh

9th International Conference on Design Principles & Practices

March 2015, Chicago, USA 

Hurmat Ul Ain

IVS- International Inter disciplinary Conference

Salman Afzal 

 23-25 Feb 2017, Pakistan​

IVS- International Inter disciplinary Conference

Maimuna Akram 

 23-25 Feb 2017​, Pakistan