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Lecture on Islamic Banking at SCEE

As an augmentation to the Engineering Economics course, a seminar on “Islamic Banking” was organized for civil engineering undergraduate batch 2009. The facilitator of the seminar was Dr. Muhammad Fahim Khan, distinguished faculty member, National Defense University (NDU), Islamabad. Dr. Fahim Khan has long experience in teaching, training and research on areas of Islamic economics, Islamic finance, and Islamic business as well as in areas in conventional economics and Public Policy. He also has several years’ experience in building and managing academic institutions in Pakistan and abroad.

His rhetorical presentation featured questions relating to Riba, Bank interest, basic theories of Islamic banking and “islamicity of Islamic banking and banks. Several cases were put forward for the attendees to comprehend the essence of Islamic banking and to understand the difference between interests and profits, rate of returns and rate of markup. He quoted from Quran and Ahadis at various instances to supplement his topic. The seminar was an Islamic guidance for the future civil engineers in the matters of finance.