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Shabash Pakistan rekindles patriotism at NUST

In the second session of the event titled Shabash Pakistan, an overwhelming number of NUST students turned up to enlighten the spirit of patriotism deeply embedded among them.  NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan in collaboration with School of Leadership organized the exciting episode at the main campus on Nov 13. The daylong session focused on the revolutionary concept of “Leadership is Action, not Position.” Director Student Affairs, Mr. Mahmud Bashir Bajwa graced the occasion as the guest of honour.

“Shabash Pakistan” is a nation building movement started by the School of Leadership. The movement aims at reviving patriotism and Pakistaniyat among the youth by encouraging them to undertake Social Action Projects, which in turn will help project a positive image of Pakistan in the national and international arena. “Shabash Pakistan” is a series of three one-day sessions, divided into three months i.e, from October to December- 2012, each to be held in four universities namely NUST, Baharia, COMSATS and Air University.

The session started with the thought-provoking talk of Umair Jaliawala, Trainer at School of Leadership. He enquired from the participating students how they had experienced change at a personal level in the last one month since the programme
kicked off. Giving examples from the past, he also talked at length about the importance of being practical in life with a positive approach. Later, moving on through panel discussions on a range of topics, the youth discerned the positive,negative and apathetic attitudes of the people in their surroundings. Awareness of these roles would enable them to be in a better position to deal with different people and situations. At the same time the implementation of “hats” concept gave an un-biased picture of the current situation of Pakistan. The problems were identified and each “problem” then becamean “Opportunity” for these young leaders to work on.With the understanding of Toolkit of change (Responsibility, Empathy, Focus and Collectiveness) participants presented their “Vision of Pakistan Projects” based on the problems they identified. These projects will be implemented in the coming month. Project reports are to be presented in third and the last Step next month to establish authenticity and to provide a platform to youth to join in their efforts even if they have not been part of “Shabash Pakistan” programme.

During the second half of the session, Kamran Rizvi, Director School of Leadership, also shared his experiences with the youth. He encouraged them to exploit their potential at individual level and bring about a positive change in the society through their compassionate actions directed towards nation building. School of Leadership is known for being pioneers of the training industry in Pakistan. They provide a platform for individuals to discover utilize their unquestionable ability to elevate their lives through conscious endeavor, which favorably impacts their families, organizations, communities and society at large.