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IESE Tomorrow

Institute of Environmental Sciences & Engineering has been established with the aim of creating new knowledge and finding innovative solutions to local and global environmental problems through the application of such knowledge.

Dissemination and transfer of knowledge, through formal degree programmes (BE, MS and PhD) and informal outreach activities, is one of the important ingredients for the IESE mission..

In the next 50 years, the School has dedicated itself to pursuing fundamental interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences research that directly addresses the grand environmental challenges of the 21st century.  Our mission is to harness our international research capabilities to achieve breakthrough advances in our understanding of the causes, consequences and societal implications of major challenges such as climate change, ecosystem loss and energy security, and to support society’s transition towards global environmental sustainability;

Recruit and teach a new generation of students in how to confront complex, real-world challenges in an interdisciplinary, engaged and impactful manner; 

Build strong partnerships with governments, businesses and civil society to identify societal solutions that put society firmly on a path to sustainability.

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