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Vision, Mission & PEOs

IESE Vision 

To evolve as a center of excellence in education and research in the field of environmental sciences and engineering to produce globally competent professionals capable of resolving environmental issues.

IESE Mission​
  • Provide high quality educational experience to produce exceptionally competent graduates, academic leaders, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs in Environmental engineering, who can impact the society
  • Promote cutting edge research both, applied and theoretical, that will positively impact and improve the profession and the society
  • Assimilate social skills to help our graduates to effectively operate ethically and professionally​


Following are the four PEOs for BE Environmental Engineering program at IESE:

The educational objectives of undergraduate environmental engineering program at IESE are:

  1. Graduates will acquire engineering knowledge and skills to address environmental issues at national and international level
  2. Graduates will progress in engineering practices and their profession while demonstrating continual improvement in interpersonal and collaborative skills
  3. Graduates will demonstrate their professional and societal obligations displaying high moral and ethical standards
  4. Graduates will remain committed towards learning through postgraduate education and continued development of technical and managerial skills​