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Research Innovation

1)  Patents Submitted: Immobilization in mortar of chromium removed from water using titania nanoparticles (Appl. No. 308/2015; 27 May 2015)

2) Patents Submitted:
 Development of pure and 1% silver-doped Titania (TiO2) embedded Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film protector to disinfect bacterial species on mobile phones (Appl. No. 309/2015; 27 May 2015)

3) Partial Sequences Published at GenBank of NCBI
Partial sequences of 10 bacterial strains with Accession Numbers are available online. All the strains were isolated from soil and plant samples from contaminated sites with petrochemicals and have shown potential for degradation of very high levels of benzene and phenol. The work has been submitted and is under consideration for publication. The sequence numbers are; KM520129, KM520130, KM520131, KP117040, KP117041, KP117042, KP117043, KP117044, KP117045, KP117046

4) Constructed the first capping of open dumpsite in the country at H-12 Islamabad

5) Establishment of Biogas Plant in NUST

6) Establishment of Constructed wetland for experimental purposes​​