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Student/Professional Exchange Program

Dual Degree Program between

Asian Institute of Technology
National University of Sciences and Technology

To conduct dual degree masters programs with the intention of making more accessible to students the benefits of internationalized higher education by allowing them to experience and be exposed to the teaching, research and academic life of both institutions with  international curricula taught by world class faculty and scientists. The programs will promote AIT – NUST cooperation, and will prepare trained professionals in specific fields who will be conferred the master’s degree.

The proposed program will enable cooperation in Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (RS&GIS), School of Engineering and Technology, AIT and Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS), School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, NUST.

The minimum number of candidates to be proposed for each field of studies shall be three (3) each batch starting in August 2013. 

Salient points of the program are;

1.      The students enrolled under this program will fulfill the AIT and NUST credit requirements of 48 and 30 credits respectively for graduation.

2.      The students who fulfill the AIT and NUST requirements for graduation will receive the AIT-NUST dual degree. No other certificate/degree will be issued.

3.      For dual degree, the program will be conducted in two stages – one stage at AIT and the other at NUST. The students will stay at AIT for a minimum period of two semesters (for research).

4.      This program would allow the appointment of AIT faculty at NUST as adjunct faculty and vice versa, which will help in complementing each other through areas of strength.

5.      If required, the adjunct faculty will also be required to teach courses. The cost of travel/ stay/ and other expenses will be borne by the host institution.

6.      Supervision of the thesis work will be the joint responsibility of AIT and NUST.

7.      Minimum number of MS students from NUST will be three (3) each year for five (5) years.

8.      AIT will offer 20% fellowship to the students.

9.      The student/donor agency will pay for 24 credits at AIT and 24 credits at NUST.

10.  The progress of the dual degree program will be reviewed by NUST after every two (2) years based on the feedback of the students.