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Student Research Papers

  • Assessment of Emerging Hydrological and Water Quality Issues over Transboundary Rivers of Pakistan: A Case Study of Kabul and Jhelum River Basins (Shahid Mehmood Akhtar)
  • Comparison of Individual Versus Stereotype Users in Tourist Recommender System Using Agent Based Modeling (Muhammad Ali)
  • Landfill site selection in Islamabad using Fuzzy-AHP technique and its Environmental Impact Assessment (Sehrish Baig)
  • Regional Rice Yield Forecasting Using Landsat 8 Satellite Imagery and DSSAT-CSM (Saima Iftikhar)
  • Trans-boundary Environmental and Hydrological Impact Assessment of Indian Dams: A Case Study of Chenab River Basin (Shakeel Ahmed)
  • Mapping and Temporal Analysis of Sowing Trend for Sugarcane crop using Remote sensing In Punjab Pakistan (Tahir Saeed)
  • An Integrated Approach for Landslide Susceptibilioty Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Rawalakot, AJK (Zahra Hassan)
  • Exploring Movement Patterns in Geospatial Big Data (Mudabber Ashfaq)
  • Analyzing Rescue 1122 Vehicle's Movement: A Geovisual Analytics Approach (Usama Maqsood)
  • Drought Severity Analysis Using RS & GIS: A Case Study of Tharparkar Desert. (Sammi Ullah Shah)
  • Mapping Dengue Vector Habitat and Distribution in Ayub Park and Gulistan Colony Rawalpindi (Mehreen Ali)
  • Spatial Distribution of Bio-aerosols and determinant factors in built environment (Fatima Filza Hassan)
  • Quality Assessment of Volunteered Geographic Information for Educational Planning (Hafiz Muhammad Muzaffar)
  • A Geo-Sensor Network Implementation Design For Disaster Prevention Using Historical Flood Hazards Analysis Records For The Indus River Basin (Mashal Riaz)
  • Remote-sensing based FATA agricultural system characterization for food security (Saba Shahid)
  • Urban green areas accessibility in the context of land use land cover (Shahida Arif Khan)
  • Implementation and Performance analysis of Convolution Neural Networks for Classification of Hyperspectral Images in Big Data Domain (Syed Aamer Hussain)
  • Urban Expansion as an incursive factor for food security: An assessment of spatio-temporal variations in Punjab (Zainab Noor)
  • Creating Digital Cadastral Maps using Geospatial Data: A Case Study of Selected Mauza in District Muzaffargarh (Muhammad Sheraz Ahsan)
  • Flash flood hazard Management of Swat catchment using remote sensing and gauge data (Shaheen Sher Khan)
  • Structural Investigation for Locating Petroleum Reservoirs Using Geoinformatics In Meyal, Potwar Region, Pakistan. (Zohaib Fayyaz)
  • Spatial-temporal Dynamics of Dust Storms over Baluchistan in Relation with Climatic and Environmental Variables (Zaib Un Nisa)
  • Flood Hazard Mapping and Forecasting of Muzaffarabad City: Using HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS (Rabia Yousaf)
  • Hydrologic Characterization of Mangla subwatershed using remotely sensed satellite data and CREST model (Muhammad Waqas)