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Amenities & Facilities



  1. NUST Campus Islamabad provides Hostel facilities essentially to the outstation students on first come first serve basis. The Hostels being most comfortable resort with first class facilities attract students to make up their bright future.
  2. NUST Hostels Islamabad offer a life time opportunity to the NUST students to carve and shape their life in the best possible manner. The management is at their service round the clock.
  3. Hostel Accommodation in the relevant category is strictly allotted according to the application seniority list. The separately located Male & Female Hostels have been named after great Muslim Scholars as under:-
  •  Male Hostels

    1. Rumi Hostels Block-I, II & III       PG  Students(Some Senior UG Students may be entertained in Rumi-III Hostel on availability of accommodation)
    2. Ghazali Hostels Block-I & II         UG Students
    3. Razi Hostels Block-I & II               UG Students
    4. Attar Hostels Block-I & II               UG Students
      • Female Hostels

    1. Fatima Hostels Block-I & II        PG Students
    2. Zainab Hostel                              UG Students
    3. Ayesha Hostel                             UG Students
      • Iqra Apartments      Married Student

      • Note: National UG Students joining 1st / 3rd Semester will be allocated triseater accommodation in the hostel.

    4.   Facilities:

    • Hostels

      1. Fully Furnished Accommodation
      2. Cubical / Biseater rooms with Attached Washroom
      3. Bi-seaters / Triseater rooms with Community Washroom
      4. Anti / TV Room
      5. Well-equipped Mess in each Hostel
      6. Laundry
      7. Gymnasium
      8. Badminton courts
      9. Internet facility
      10. Radiator Heating System
      11. Medical cover for 24 hours
      12. Shuttle service on Holidays
    • Campus

    1. Cafeteria
    2. Mini Mart
    3. Photo Shop
    4. Barber Shop
    5. Ladies Shop including ladies parlour
    6. Computer Hardware Shop
    7. Cellular Shop
    8. Business Center Services
    9. Stationery Shop
    10. Dining / Function Halls

    5. Hostel Charges:

    • Hostel Accommodation charges for National Students:-
    1. Single occupancy with attached bath           Rs. 5,800/- per month
    2. Double occupancy with attached bath         Rs. 4,800/- per month
    3. Double occupancy with community bath     Rs. 4,300/- per month
    4. Triple occupancy with community bath        Rs. 3,500/- per month
    • Married Students (limited space available)
    1.  Two bedroom apartment                  Rs. 13,000/- per month
    2.  Studio apartment                               Rs. 9,000/- per month
    • Hostel accommodation charges for international students (All programs in Islamabad Campus)
    1.  Single occupancy (with attached bath)             USD 70/- per month
    2.  Double occupancy (with attached bath)           USD 60/- per month
    3.  Double occupancy (with community bath)       USD 50/- per month
    4.  Triple occupancy with community bath             USD 40/- per month
    • Married Students
    1. Two bedroom apartment                 USD 120/- per month 
    2. Studio apartment                              USD 170/- per month
    • Hostel accommodation charges for international students (Medicine & Applied Biosciences Islamabad Campus)
      • Single Students

    • Single occupancy (with attached bath)         USD 120/- per month
    • Double occupancy (with attached bath)       USD 85/- per month
    • Double occupancy (with community bath)   USD 70/- per month
    • Triple occupancy with community bath         USD 55/- per month
      • Married Students

        • One bedroom apartment               USD 170/- per month
        • Two bedroom apartment               USD 220/- per month

    6.    Hostels Messing Charges: 

    1. Hostelites are charged Rs. 4,500/- per month in advance. (Rs. 150/- per day). 

    7.    Refundable Security:  Following amount will be charged at the time of allotment:

    • National Students                    -     Rs. 10,000/-
    • Married Students                      -     Rs. 10,000/-
    • International Students             -     USD 117/-
    • Messing                                     -     Rs. 9,000/-

    8.    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Students registered for statutory courses in the University (Islamabad Campus only) will be eligible to avail the facility of NUST Hostels.
    • Students resident of twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi) will not be entertained for the Hostel accommodation unless surplus accommodation is available.
    • All physically challenged students are eligible for allotment of Hostel rooms on priority basis preferably on the ground floor.
    • Students transferred from one NUST Institute to the other will get the seniority of the original date of application whose certificate to the effect will be required.
    • SAT International Students will compulsorily be provided hostel accommodation.

    9.    Students Committees:  Following committees are working efficiently in all Hostels.

    • Hostels Society     
    • TV Hall, Gym, Laundry & Sports Society        
    • Mess Committee 

    10.   Procedure for Submitting Application, Hostel and Messing Charges:

    • Download Hostel Admission Form.
    • Follow the attached guidelines to fill the Hostel Admission Form.
    • Six months Hostel Charges and Security challan will be issued by Finance Fee Section through e-mail direct to the student payable online before joining NUST Hostels. Paid slip to be submitted to the respective Hostel Warden on arrival.
    • Monthly Challan for Messing and one time refundable Security will be issued through e-mail direct to the student payable online before joining NUST Hostels. Paid slip to be submitted to the respective Hostel warden on arrival.
    • NUST Hostels Rules Awareness Certificate must be submitted to the respective Hostel Warden on arrival in the Hostel failing which the accommodation will not be provided.

    11.   Downloads:   Hostel Accommodation Forms

    12.  Contacts:


    • Deputy Director Hostels: 051-90851508
    • Staff Hostels:                      051-90851528
    • Email Id:

    • Boys Hostels Contact Numbers:

    • Rumi-I:        051-90851611
    • Rumi-II:       051-90851613 
    • Rumi-III:      051-90851615
    • Ghazali-I:    051-90851616
    • Ghazali-II:   051-90851617
    • Razi-I:          051-90851618
    • Razi-II:         051-90851619
    • Attar-I:          051-90851620 
    • Attar-II:         051-90851621
    • Female Hostels Contact Numbers:

    • Fatima-I:    051-90851605
    • Fatima-II:   051-90851607
    • Zainab:       051-90851608
    • Ayesha:      051-90851609