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Guest Lectures

(UG-CE-2010)  (7thSemester)
​Ser Date &Time Name of Guest Speaker Topic Coord Offr

26 Sep 13 (Thu)

Mr Irshad Ali Khokar, DG Minerals, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources, Pakistan Mineral resources Potential of Pakistan and its Economic Significance A/P Mansoor Khalid
​b. 29 Oct 13 (Tue) Engr Yawer Saeed Ansari (NESPAK) Pak Iran Gas Pipeline Project Engr Mansoor Azam
​c. 20 Nov 13 (Wed) Dr Nasrullah Abeer Atta bad Lake land slide Dr Kamran Akhtar
UG-CE-2011  (5th Semester)


10 Oct 13 (Wed)

Dr Amjad Nabi, Ministry of Water & Power

Water Apportionment Accord 1991 Dr Shakil Ahmad
​b. 7 Nov 13 (Thu) Dr Zahid Rafi,Director Seismology Seismic Network in Pakistan Dr Wasim Khaliq
​c. 12 Dec 13 (Thu) Dr Qazi Talat Mahmood Flood Risk Management in Lei Nullah Dr Hamza Farooq
(UG CE-2012)  (3rd Semester)
​a. 02 Oct 13 (Wed) Dr Shahab Khanzada Road Network System of Pakistan A/P Kamran Mushtaq
​b. 27 Nov 13 (Wed) Munawar Iqbal, Senior Project Manager, (PPIB) Hydro Power Potential in Pakistan A/P Ammara Mubeen
(UG CE-2013)  (1st  Semester)
​a. 06 Nov 13 (Wed) Rep Sika Chemicals Chemicals in construction use Lec Bilal Ahmad
​b. 11 Oct 13 (Wed) Mr Ghayur Western Technologies Non Explosive Blasting  Agents (NEBA) Lec Abdul Jabbar