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International conferences/Workshops/Seminars

NUST has a strong focus on developing personal skills, knowledge and abilities that enable faculty, staff and students to perform their duties efficiently and remain abreast with the advancements in their relevant disciplines. The objective is achieved through trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences and other developmental activities.NUST institutions keep conducting different types of conferences, seminars and workshops. During the year 2011, NUST institutions conducted 449 national and international conferences, seminars and workshops, which were attended by 2445 faculty members, 861 staff members, 11862 students and 3519 participants from institutions / organizations other than NUST

NICE International Conferences /Seminars/ Workshops ​

Title /Topic​




International workshop on "Education for Managing Hydrological Extremes and Related Geo-Hazards"​

​24 Jan 2011

26 Jan 2012​

NICE in collaboration with UNESCO & HEC​

International Conference on "Earthquake Engineering & Seismology (ICEES-2011)"​

25 Apr 2011​

26 Apr 2011​

​NICE in collaboration with HEC, FWO & NLC

International Training Workshop for "Stakeholder Capacity Building in Food Warning and Management"​

20 Dec 2011​

23 Dec 2011​

NICE in collaboration with UNESCO​

International Conference on "Advanced Concrete Technogy & Its Applications" (ACTA-2012)​

06 Nov 2012​

07 Nov 2012​

NICE in collaboration with HEC​

International Training Workshop on “Modeling Water Futures Using Environmental Sustainability Approach”
​22 Jan 2013
​23 Jan 2013 ​NICE in Collaboration with CNCID China and ICIMOD Nepal
​International Seminar on Issues and Applications of Modern Concrete Technology ​25 Apr 2013 ​25 Apr 2013 NICE in collaboration with HEC​ and PEC
​International Conference on Structural Fire Safety & Design ​2 Jul 2013 ​3 Jul 2013 NICE in collaboration with HEC​ and PEC
​Short Course Underground Space Utilization and Tunneling ​26 Aug 2013 ​29 Aug 2013 ​NICE
International Training Workshop​ "Capacity Building Of Community Elders And Media Towards Flood Vigilance And Disaster Reporting"
​25 Sep 2014 ​26 Sep 2014 ​NICE in collaboration with UNESCO
​International Seminar on “Advanced Concrete Technology and Applications” (ACTA 2014)

Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus Conference (WEFSNE)​
​30 Sep 2014

15 Feb 2016

​30 Sep 2014

17Feb 2016

​NICE in collaboration with HEC​ and PEC​

NUST and the US Embassy in Islamabad ​
​Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Flood Management” – Strategic Strengthening of Flood Warning and Management Capacity of Pakistan ​18 Jul 2016 ​29 Jul 2016 ​IGIS / NICE Computer Lab
​International Seminar “Water Apportionment Accord (WAA) 1991” ​14 Dec 2016 ​14 Dec 2016 ​SCEE Seminar Hall
​Seminar on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) ​29 Mar 2017 ​29 Mar 2017 ​Jinnah Auditorium NUST
​Design of Tall Buildings: Trends and Advances for Structural Performance ​24 Apr 2017 ​25 Apr 2017 ​SCEE Seminar Hall
​Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Flood Management” – Strategic Strengthening of Flood Warning and Management Capacity of Pakistan. ​18 Jul 2017 ​31 Jul 2017 ​NICE Computer Lab
​“Water Processing for Sustainable Development” ​1 Aug 2017 ​2 Aug 2017 ​SCEE Seminar Hall