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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Dr. Azam Khan
Assistant Professor

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST H-12 Islamabad ,Pakistan
Tel :  

Structural Engineering

PhD (Structural Engineering , Imperial College London,UK) MS (Concrete Structures, Imperial College London, UK) MBA (Iqra University, Peshaware) BE (Civil Engineering, UET Peshawar)

Dr. Azam Khan is a Structural Engineer with 10+ years of United Kingdom’s Oil & gas and building industry experience.  He did BSc in Civil Engineering from UET Peshawar. He completed MSc in Concrete Structures in 2004, leading to PhD in Structural Mechanics from Imperial College London, 2008.  He has an extensive experience in civil and structural engineering facilities, such as offshore oil and gas platforms, wind turbine substructure, offshore bridges and flare towers, industrial and non-industrial building structures. He has developed a non-linear finite element software capable of analysing structures under extreme dynamic loading.
  • Advance nonlinear finite element analysis
  • Modelling of structures under extreme dynamic loading (blast, impact, earthquake)
  • Khan A, Dixon R, Introduction to Site hoarding, The Structural Engineer, Vol. 96, Issue 2,  Pages 28 – 31, Feb 2018
  • Khan A, Lloyd-Smith D and Izzuddin B. A, Investigation of rigid-plastic beams subjected to impact using linear complementarity, Engineering Structures, Vol. 50,  Pages 137 – 148, 2013.                                                                                                                  
  • Khan A, Ahmad Irshad,  Time History Analysis of Seismically Isolated Fixed Base Offshore Platform, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, UET Peshawar, Pakistan, Vol. 32, Pages 47 – 56, 1 January – June 2013                                                                                                         
  • Khan A, Ahmad Irshad,  In-place Analysis of Jacket Offshore Structure Under Storm Conditions, , Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, UET Peshawar, Pakistan, Vol 32, Pages 57 – 65, 1 January – June 2013                                                                                                       
  • Khan A, Lloyd-Smith D and Izzuddin B. A, Rigid-plastic beams under impact loading, The 7th International Conference on Computational Mechanics For Spatial Structures,  in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ibrahimovic A, Dolarevic S, Hrasnica M, Madzarevic M and Zlatar M. ( editors), Pages 175 – 183, April 2012.
  • Khan A, Lloyd-Smith D and Izzuddin B. A, Rigid-plastic beams under impulsive loading, The 12th International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing,  in Madeira Portugal, Topping B. H. V., Costa Neves L. F. And Barros R., C. ( editors), Civil-Comp Press, Pages 1 - 16, September 2009.
  • Khan A., Behaviour of Rigid Plastic Structures Under Extreme Dynamic Loading, Ph.D. thesis, Civil Engineering Department, Imperial College, University of London, 2008.  
​​Jan 2019 - Date: Assistant Professor, NICE(NUST)
November 2011 - September 2016: Civil / Structural Engineer at SNC-LAVALIN UK LIMITED, Croydon, United Kingdom
  • Design and construction of Petrochemical buildings.
  • Design and construction of offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Design and construction of offshore and onshore wind turbine support structures

August 2008- November, 2011: Civil / Structural Engineer at DNV GL Noble Denton Consultants, Slough, United Kingdom
  • Structural integrity management of oil and gas platform.