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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Dr. Muhammad Usman
Assistant Professor

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12,Islamabad Pakistan
Tel : 051-90854618

Structural Dynamics, Energy Harvesting

PhD - (Civil Engineering, KAIST South Korea) MS - (Structural Engineering ,KAIST South Korea)

Piezoelectric energy harvesting, Thermoelectric energy harvesting, Graphene, Nanoparticles, Structual health monitoring, Structural dynamics, Structural Control, Base Isolation, MR elastomers, MR dampers, Structural mechanics.

Published/Accepted Papers

Ullah, Q.; Khushnood, R.A.; Ahmed, S.; Usman, M.; Muhammad, S.; Tulliani, J. M.   Performance Evaluation of MWCNTs reinforced cement mortar composites using natural and commercial surfactants. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Mater. Sci. Ed. 2019, (Accepted) (IF 0.524)


Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Farooq, S.H.; Omair, M.; Hanif, A.; Axial Compressive Behavior of Confined Steel Fiber Reinforced High Strength Concrete. Construction and Building Materials 2020, 230:117043 (IF 4.046 Q1)


Tanveer, M.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Khan, I.U.; Ahmad, S.; Hanif, A.; Farooq, S.H.; Application of tuned liquid column ball damper (TLCBD) for improved vibration control performance of multi-storey structure. PLoS ONE 2019, 14(10):e0224436. (IF 2.776)


Hassan, M.A.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Hanif, A.; Farooq, S.H.; Ahmed, J.; Improving Structural Performance of Timber Wall Panels by Inexpensive FRP Retrofitting Techniques. Journal of Building Engineering, 2020, 27:101004. (IF 2.378)


Zain, M.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Farooq, S.H.; Mehmood, T.; Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of School Buildings in Seismic Zone 4 of Pakistan. Advances in Civil Engineering 2019, article id: 5808256, pp 14. (IF 1.104)


Khan, M.I.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Rizwan, S.A.; Hanif, A.; Self-Consolidating Lightweight Concrete Incorporating Limestone Powder and Fly Ash as Supplementary Cementing Material. Materials 2019, 12(18), 3050. (IF 2.972)


Fawad, M.; Kalman, K.; Khushnood, R.A.; Usman, M.; Retrofitting of damaged reinforced concrete bridge structure. Procedia Structural Integrity 2019, 18, 189-197.


Khan, B.L.; Azeem, M.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Farooq, S.H.; Hanif, A.; Fawad, M.; Effect of near and far field earthquakes on performance of various base isolation systems. Procedia Structural Integrity 2019, 18, 108-118.


Khan, R.; Farooq, S.H.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Blast Loading Response of Reinforced Concrete Panels Externally Reinforced with Steel Strips. Infrastructures 2019, 4(3), 54.


Kim, Y.J.; Hanif, A,; Usman, M,; Park, W.J,; Influence of Bonded Mortar of Recycled Concrete Aggregates on Interfacial Characteristics – Porosity Assessment based on Pore segmentation from Backscattered Electron Image Analysis. Construction and Building Materials 2019, 212, 149-163., (IF 4.046 Q1)


Baloch, H.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Rizwan, S. A.; Hanif, A. Properties Enhancement of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Incorporated Self-Compacting Cement Pastes Modified by Nano Silica (NS) Addition. Construction and Building Materials 2019, 203, 18–26. (IF 4.046 Q1)


Ali, A.; Sandhu, T.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author) Ambient Vibration Testing of a Pedestrian Bridge Using Low-Cost Accelerometers for SHM Applications. Smart Cities 2019, 2 (1), 20–30.


Zain, M.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Farooq, S. H.; Hanif, A. Progressive Structural Capacity Loss Assessment—A Framework for Modern Reinforced Concrete Buildings. PLOS ONE 2018, 13 (12), e0208149. (IF 2.776 Q1)


Ahmad, J.; Usman, M. (Corresponding Author); Hassan, M. A.; Farooq, S. H.; Hanif, A. Enhancing Lateral Load Performance of Traditional Timber Wall (Dhajji-Dewari) by Strengthening of Joints. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2018, 431, 072002


Hanif, A.; Kim, Y.; Usman, M.; Park, C. Optimization of Steam-Curing Regime for Recycled Aggregate Concrete Incorporating High Early Strength Cement—A Parametric Study. Materials 2018, 11 (12), 2487. (IF 2.972)


Rasheed, A.; Usman, M (Corresponding Author); Farooq, H.; Hanif, A. Effect of Super-Plasticizer Dosages on Fresh State Properties and Early-Age Strength of Concrete. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2018, 431, 062010.


Farooq, H.; Usman, M.; Mehmood, K.; Malik, M. S.; Hanif, A. Effect of Steel Confinement on Axially Loaded Short Concrete Columns. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 2018, 414, 012026.6 x Impact factor journal papers under review in high quality international Journals.

Khan, B. L.; Farooq, H.; Usman, M (Corresponding Author).; Butt, F.; Khan, A. Q.; Hanif, A. Effect of Soil–Structure Interaction on a Masonry Structure under Train-Induced Vibrations. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Structures and Buildings 2018 Published ahead of print online with DOI (IF 0.877)


Kim, I. H; Jeon, H. M; Usman, M; Jung, H. J. Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System based on Wake Galloping using Circular Cylinders. Transactions of the Korean Society for noise and Vibration Engineering 2018, 28(4), 381-387.


Rasheed, A; Farooq, S. H; Usman, M (Corresponding Author); Hanif, A; Khan, N. A; Khushnood, R.A. Structural reliability analysis of super structure of highway bridges on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): A case study. Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance 2018,  3(3), 197-207


Usman, M; Khan, A.Y; Farooq, S.H; Hanif, A; Tang. S; Khushnood, R.A; Rizwan, S.A. Eco-friendly self-compacting cement pastes incorporating wood waste as cement replacement: A feasibility study. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018, 190, 679-688. (IF 6.395 Q1)


Usman, M (Corresponding Author); Hanif, A; Kim, I.H; Jung, H.J. Experimental validation of a novel piezoelectric energy harvesting system employing wake galloping phenomenon for a broad wind spectrum. Energy 2018, 153, 882-889. (IF 5.537 Q1)


Ahmed, W; Khushnood, R.A; Memon, S.A; Ahmed, S; Baloch. W.L; Usman, M. Effective use of sawdust for the production of eco-friendly and thermal-energy efficient normal weight and lightweight concretes with tailored fracture properties. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018, 184, 1016-1027. (IF 6.395 Q1)


Shamim, A; Ahmad, S; Khitab, A; Anwar, W; Khushnood, R.A; Usman, M Applications of Nano Technology in Civil Engineering: A Review. International Journal of Strategic Engineering 2018, 1(1), 48-64.


Hanif, A; Usman, M; Lu, Z; Yu, C; Li, Z. Flexural fatigue behavior of thin laminated cementitious composites incorporating cenosphere fillers. Materials and Design 2018, 140, (IF 5.77 Q1)


Kim, Y; Hanif, A; Usman, M; Munir, M. J; Kazmi, S. M. S; Kim, S. Slag waste incorporation in high early strength concrete as cement replacement: Environmental impact and influence on hydration & durability attributes. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018, 172, (IF 6.395 Q1)


Lee, H; Hanif, A; Usman, M; Jongsung, S; HongSeob, O. Performance Evaluation of concrete incorporating glass powder and glass sludge wastes as supplementary cementing material. Journal of Cleaner Production 2018, 170, 683-693. (IF 6.395 Q1)


Usman, M; Kim, I.H.; Jung, H.J. Improving thermoelectric energy harvesting efficiency by using graphene. AIP Advances 2016, 6(5), 1-7. (IF 1.653)


Koo, J.H.; Jang, D.D.; Usman, M; Jung, H.J. A feasibility study on smart base isolation systems using magneto-rheological elastomers. Structural Engineering and Mechanics 2009, 32(6), 755-770. (IF 2.804 Q1)


Usman, M.; Sung, S. H.; Jang, D. D.; Jung, H. J.; Koo, J. H. Numerical Investigation of Smart Base Isolation System Employing MR Elastomer. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2009, 149, 012099.


Usman, M.; Jang, D.-D.; Kim, I.-H.; Jung, H.-J.; Koo, J.-H. Dynamic Testing and Modeling of Magneto-Rheological Elastomers. In Volume 1: Active Materials, Mechanics and Behavior; Modeling, Simulation and Control; ASME: Oxnard, California, USA, 2009; pp 495–500


Jang, D.D.; Usman, M; Sung, S.H.; Moon, Y.J.; Jung, H.J. Feasibility Study of MR Elastomer-based Base Isolation System. Journal of the Computational Structural Engineering Institute of Korea 2008, 21(6), 597-605.

BOOK Chapters

Usman, M; Jung, H.J. Recent developments of magneto-rheological elastomers for civil engineering applications. Smart Material Actuators: Recent Advances in Material Characterization and Applications 2015, NOVA Science Publishers.

SELECTED International Conferences

(Total 20 Papers in International conferences)

Oral presentations

Usman, M; Koo, J.H; Jung, H.J; Park, J;. State-switched Controller for Smart Base Isolation System Employing MR Elastomer. The Twenty-First KKCNN Symposium on Civil Engineering. 2008.


Usman, M; Jang, D.D; Kim, I.H; Jung, H.J; Koo, J.H. Dynamic Testing and Modeling of Magneto-Rheological Elastomers. ASME 2009 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems. SMASIS2009-1348, pp. 495-500. doi:10.1115/SMASIS2009-1348 2009.


Usman, M; Ahmad, S; Jung, H.J. State-Switched Control Algorithm for Multi Degree of Freedom Smart Base Isolation System Employing MR Elastomer. International Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (ICEES 2011). DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1724.9446. 2011.


Ahmad, S; Usman, M; Jung, H.J; Khushnood, R.A; Rizwan, S.A; Bier, T.A; Artifical Neural Network (ANN) Model for the prediction of the Packing Density of Lawrencepur Sand. International Conference on Advanced Concrete Technology and its Applications (ACTA). 2012


Din, Z; Usman, M; Riaz, A; Khushnood, R.A; Gibson, G. Integrating Serious Games into Traditional Instruction to Improve Outcome Based Learning Performance of Civil Engineering Students. The 4th Convention of Federation of Engineering Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FEIAP). 2017


Zain, M; Usman, M; Munir, K; Shehzad, Z; Iqbal, T. Safety Assessment of Dams in Pakistan: A Case Study of Tarbela Dam. 5th International Dam Safety Symposium, Turkey. 2:692-703. 2018.


Hanif, A; Kim, Y; Parthasarathy, P; Usman, M; Li, Z. Flexural Fatigue Behavior of Lightweight Ferrocement: Experimental Investigation & Numerical Modeling.  5th International fib Congress. 2018.


Poster presentations

Ho, K.I; Usman, M; Chan, P.J; Jung, H.J. Piezoelectric based Energy Harvesting System using Wake Galloping. Korean society of noise and vibration engineering conference. 2016.


Usman, M; Eem, S; Jung, H.J; Koo, J.H. A Feasibility Study on an Adaptive Mount System Based on MR Elastomers.  15th International Conference on Electro rheological Fluids and Magneto rheological Suspensions 2016.


Lee, J.H; Usman, M; Kim, I.H; Jung, H.J. Performance Enhancement of Energy Harvesting Systems using Wake Galloping. Conference: The 2016 World Congress on Advances in Civil Environmental, and Materials Research, ACEM16 Structures16. 2016


Undergraduate Courses

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Drawing

Structural Analysis I

Structural Analysis II

Structural Analysis III

Undergraduate Courses As TA:

Design of Unique Complex Systems (Axiomatic Design)

Graduate Courses

Structural Dynamics

Earthquake Seismology and Earthquake Hazards

Vibration Control of Structures

Advanced Concrete Design

Special topics in Civil Engineering

Research supervision experience

UG FYP Gps : 4 (Graduated: 3 Ongoing: 2), 1Gp=4 students

Masters Research students : 18 (Graduated: 12 Ongoing: 9)

PhD Students : 2 (Ongoing: 2)











Apr2010– Aug2011





Oct2007– Jan2008






Jul2007– Sep2007







Apr2007– Jun2007





Summer 2006

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.

Position: Asst. Prof. / Director Local Quality Enhancement Cell (NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE))

Job responsibilities include teaching courses to the undergraduate and post graduate students, advising final year students in their projects, supervising thesis of MS students and carry out independent research. In addition of above stated basic responsibilities I am also responsible for outcome based accreditation of the civil engineering program, being part of OBE team at NICE. I also have several other administrative responsibilities.

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.

Position: Lecturer (NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE))

Job responsibilities include teaching courses to the undergraduate students, advising final year students in their projects and carry out independent research.


National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK)

Position: Structural Engineer (ERR Division)

Responsibilities include: Carrying out structural design of various structures, using STADPro, built in Kashmir and KPK, Pakistan after the deadly 2005 earthquake. Preparing engineering drawings of the structures designed in AUTOCAD. Damage and retrofitting potential assessment of school buildings in the areas affected by earthquake.



Pakistan Engineering Services (PES)

Position: Structural Design Engineer

Responsibilities include: Carrying out structural design of building structures built in along with several dam projects. Designing several structural elements for the Satpara dam project such as spillway, etc. using SAP2000. Supervise the preparation of engineering drawings of the structures designed in AUTOCAD. Damage and retrofitting potential assessment of school buildings in the areas affected by earthquake.


National Institute of Transportation Risalpur, Pakistan

Position: Research Associate

Responsibilities include carrying out the tests for the recycled asphalt pavements project on various road sites in KPK. Compile and analyze the results from the experimental tests.


Frontier Works Organization Islamabad, Pakistan (Position: Intern)

I worked for three months in in FWO Islamabad on the several road projects in Islamabad in 2006 including the IJP road and other main roads.