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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Engr. Nasrul Haq
Assistant Professor

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Tel : 051-90854675

Survey and Mapping

MS (Survey & Mapping, School of Military Survey Hermitage (BERKS), U.K)

  • The Making of a Military Surveyor                 Pakistan Army Green Book 1994.
  • New Challenges in survey & Mapping        Pakistan Army Green Book 1992.
  • Terrain Trafficability  And Satellite                Corps of Engineers Journal 1994.
  • Remote Sensing
  • lnertial Surveying and Navigation                 Corps of Engineers Journal 1984.
  • System
  • Assistant Professor at NUST since Sep 1997 to date.
  • Instructor Class B at Military College of Engineering Risalpur Cantt in 1977.
  • Instructor Class C at Military College of Engineering Risalpur Cantt in 1976.
  • Awarded grading distinguished as instructor at Military College of Engineering
  • Risalpur Cantt in 1977.
  • As Commanding officer of Army Survey School Abbottabad conducted survey training of surveyors of the entire Corps of Engineers upto grade one and advance level.
  • As Commanding Officer of Technical Trades Training Battalion Risalpur, conducted training of all the trades-men of the entire corps of Engineers upto grade one level.
  • Construction of operational facilities for Pakistan Air Force Base (Faisal Karachi), eg underground buildings, runways, administrative buildings, residential buildings  and workshops etc.
  • Construction of Astore Valley Road in Northern Areas.
  • Construction of road Sensa – Sarsawa – Tararkhul in Azad Kashmir.
  • Construction of road Dera Bughti Kahan and road Dera Bughti Sangsilla.
  • Construction of housing colonies at Rawalpindi for GHQ Housing Directorate.
  • Construction of new Training Blocks ie Shuaul Qamar Block and  Al-Khoarzmi  Block at Military College of Signals.