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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Student Projects

                                                                ​   MS GeoTechnical Engineering 2014

​Name ​Research Title ​Supervisor
​SYED UZAIR US SAL​AM SHAH   ​Liquefaction Assessment of Tarbela Reservior Sediments ​ Dr. Liaqat Ali
​ SADAM  HUSSAIN  ​Stabilization of Medium Plastic and High Plastic Clay using Gypsum and Bagasse Ash​​​ ​Dr. Liaqat Ali
MS GeoTechnical Engineering 2013

​Name Research Title​ Supervisor​
WAQAR MUMTAZ​ ​Characterization and Stabilization of Subgrade Soil using Tyre Rubber Powder and Cement Kiln Dust  ​Dr. Kamran Akhtar
AAMIR AHMAD​ ​Mechanical Properties of Lawrencepur Sand in Critical State Framework ​Dr. Kamran Akhtar​
​SAADULLAH ​Determination of Fully Softened Strength ​Dr. Liaqat Ali
​JAMAL ALI ​Excavation Practices in Pakistan ​Dr. Kamran Akhtar
MUHAMMAD ASIF​​ ​Comparative Analysis of as Built Support Design with Finite Element Modelling of Nahakki Pass Tunnel in Mohmand Agency ​Dr. S Muhammad Jamil​
                                                              MS GeoTechnical Engineering 2012

​Name ​  Research Title ​Supervisor
AHSAN NASEEM ​Geotechnical Mapping of Selected Area Using Scan Shear Apparatus ​Dr. Syed Muhammad Jamil
​MUHAMMAD ISRAR KHAN ​Geotechnical Mapping of Selected Area Using Resonant Column  Dr. Syed Muhammad Jamil
​MALIK KASHAN TARIQ ​Slope Stability Study of Pindi – Muree Expressway ​Dr. Kamran Akhtar
​SYED ALI WAJAHAT ​Geotechnical Mapping of Selected Area Using Seismograph Dr. Kamran Akhtar