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(Wef 23 Feb 2015)  
 NICE/SCEE Duration: 16 Feb 2015 to 19 Jun 2015 Institute/School: MS STRUCTURAL ENGG - 2014
​Days ​Time ​Hours ​Instructor ​Instructor Subject Code ​Subject Title ​Method ​Venue
​Monday ​1700-1830 1845-2015 ​1-1/2 1-1/2 Dr Shaukat Ali Khan Dr Syed Ali Rizwan ​CE-801 CE-804 Advanced Structural Mechanics Pre-Stressed Concrete Strucutures
​Lec Lec ​NIT-123 NIT-123
​Tuesday ​1700-1800 1815-1915 ​1 1 ​Dr. Imran Hashmi Dr. Imran Hashmi ​RM-898 RM-898 ​Research Methodology Research Methodology ​Lec Lec ​SCEE Seminar Hall
​Wednesday​ ​1700-1830 1845-2015 ​1-1/2 1-1/2 ​Dr. Wasim Khaliq Dr Shaukat Ali Khanl ​CE-805 CE-801 ​Advanced Concrete Design Advanced Structural Mechanics ​Lec Lec ​NIT-123 NIT-123
​Thursday ​1700-1830 1845-2015 ​1-1/2 1-1/2 Dr Syed Ali Rizwan Dr. Wasim Khaliq
​CE-804 CE-805 ​Pre-Stressed Concrete Strucutures Advanced Concrete Design ​Lec Lec NIT-123 NIT-123