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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
About Department

The Department of Survey is amongst the pioneer departments of NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE). Its survey team comprises of a lecturer, a lab engineer, a lab technician and six lab attendants. All the affairs of the survey team are run and administered under the supervision of the Head of Department (HoD). The NICE Department of Survey is currently imparting Engineering Surveying education to the undergraduate students of not only Civil Engineering but also other disciplines such as Environmental Engineering, Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Presently, it is not offering any postgraduate courses but it is envisaged that in the near future, the postgraduate courses of Surveying with special emphasis on modern techniques will be introduced as well.
The Survey Lab which is being run under the NICE Department of Survey is one of its kind that is successfully operating in Pakistan. It is equipped with state-of-the-art modern Surveying gadgetry such as Total Stations, geodetic quality based Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers, Digital Levels, Digi System, Construction Laser Level, Licensed Mapping Software etc.
In collaboration with the Survey of Pakistan, the Survey Training Institute of the Survey of Pakistan, SUPARCO and the Army Survey Group, the NICE Department of Survey organizes frequent study visits and guest speaker lectures to broaden the knowledge of the undergraduate students regarding different commercial and research projects carried out by the above mentioned organizations/institutes. Meanwhile, as the NUST H-12 campus is still under development, the NICE Department of Survey provides continuous Land Survey support to NUST Administration in the planning and execution of various campus expansion projects. For carrying out these projects, the NICE Department of Survey has established its own Baseline and numerous permanent control stations throughout the NUST H-12 campus.
 A unique distinction of NICE Department of Survey is its dynamic field training activity which is visible throughout the year in the campus. As survey training support is being provided to a number of Institutes at campus, therefore field work is done on all working days to accommodate their requirements. Extensive training is imparted to students in handling of modern instruments and later on processing of field data on mapping software in the lab followed by printing of maps.
The topography of our campus provides a variety of landscape to perform all the required practical survey tasks under realistic field conditions. There are reasonably high ridges, deep nullahs and other land features which provide ideal conditions for carrying out triangulation, traversing, road alignments, bridge gap measurements, setting out of buildings/sewers/highway curves and making of topographic maps, etc.