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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Student Projects

MS Water Resources Engineering & Management 2012

Name Research Title ​Supervisor
​ZARMINA ALTAF ​Hydrological Modeling to Evaluate Effects of Land Use Change on Stream Flow in Kurrang River Catchment Using Swat ​Dr. Hamza Farooq Gabriel
​FARMAN ALI MIRZA ​ID and 2D Coupled Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Nullah Lai Flooding, Using Saint Venant Equations Dr. Sajjad Haider

MS Water Resources Engineering & Management 2011

​Name ​Research Title ​Supervisor
​MUHAMMAD UMER ​Hydrological Modeling and Flood Hazard Mapping of Nullah Lai ​Dr. Sajjad Haider
​MAMOON KAREEM ​Evaluation of Development & Land Use Change Impacts on Stream Flow and Sediment Yield using Remote Sensing & GIS: Case Study of Rawal Dam & Simly Dam Watersheds Dr. Sajjad Haider
​SYED MUHAMMAD ALI SHAH  ​Impact of Post Ghazi-Barotha Project on Downstream River Indus ​Dr. Hamza Farooq Gabriel
​MUHAMMAD SHAHID ​Development & Calibration of a Sub-regional Surface-Groundwater Interaction Model using MODFLOW for Mohenjodaro World Heritage Site Dr. Hamza Farooq Gabriel

MS Water Resources Engineering & Management 2010

​Name ​Research Title ​Supervisor
​BILAL IFTIKHAR ​Effect of Indian structural interventions on river Indus Flows ​Dr. Hamza Farooq Gabriel
​SYED KASHIF ALI SHAH ​Numerical Simulation of Tarbela Reservoir Sedimentation ​Dr. Sajjad Haider
​IRFAN ABID ​Effect of Indiam Mal-operations on Jhelum and Chenab Rivers and suggested remedial measures ​Dr. Aftab Sadiq