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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Geo Technical Engineering

Research Area:

  • Geotechnical Design: Slope Stability, Foundation systems, Rock Mechanics

  • Geotechnical Investigation: Geophysics, Engineering seismology, Soil Dynamics

  • Tunnelling Design and Analysis: Tunnelling, Rock Mechanics, Slope Stablity

  • Computational Geomechanics and Applied Geotechnics: Soil Dynamics and Embankment Engineering, Site Improvement, ​Geotechnical Infrastructure Analysis/Design/Optimization and Computational Geomechanics​ (FEM, FDM, DEM, N.N)

  • Site Improvement: Mine waste management/Tailings​, Seepage and Hydraulic Design

  • Geologic Investigation: Field Geology, Structural Geology, Geologic Testing​

Group Members:

  • Dr. S. Muhammad Jamil

  • Dr. Badee Al Shameri

  • Dr. Syed Turab Jafri

  • Lec. Muhammad Asim

  • Dr. Tariq Bajwa

  • AP Abdul Jabbar​