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NUST institute of Civil Engineering (NICE)
Structural Engineering

Research Area:

  • ​​Material Properties/Behaviour

  • Structural Dynamics, Energy Harvesting

  • Performance-based Seismic Evaluation of Existing High-rise Buildings in Pakistan

  • Constitutive modeling or concrete using plasticity and microplane approaches

  • Advance nonlinear finite element analysis, Modelling of structures under extreme dynamic loading (blast, impact, earthquake)​

  • Durability of alkali-activated mortar in sewage environment

  • Blast and Impact Engineering, Dynamic Material Properties

  • Seismic Strengthening of Masonry for Developing Countries

  • Dynamic Analysis and Earthquake Design

Group Members:

  • ​Dr. Rao Arslan Kushnod

  • Dr. Muhammad Usman

  • Dr. Fawad Najam

  • Dr. Usman Hanif

  • Dr. Azam Khan

  • Dr. Hammad Anis Khan

  • Dr. Musaad Zaheer

  • Dr. Athar Ali

  • Engr. Arslan Mushta​