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Message From Dean

With the entire world shrunk into an approachable neighborhood, with the ever changing values and with the emergence of fresh realms of knowledge, technology has turned to be a pre- requisite for all successful individuals, as well as organizations. In a developing country like ours, the potential is bounteous but much is yet to be done.

The vision and Mission Statement of the Institute is a true manifestation of what we venture to achieve in our day to day working at NIT. The quality of our students in the market is a clear depiction of our untiring and exhaustive efforts. The availability of the best possible resources, including human resource, to the students is our top priority. Our experienced, qualified and motivated faculty has proved its excellence in achieving the assigned goals.

We warm-heartedly welcome the new entrants in NIT. Come, join us and experience a new world of learning and exposure.

The strong foundation that we build in Civil Engineering gives our students a distinctive edge to create solutions that improve lives and make the world better. A well structured yet flexible curriculum enables students to develop a strong set of competencies desired in today’s hyper competitive world. A vibrant link with the industry, government and business helps students to capture the dynamism of the real world.

In fact, we believe the potential of our students is truly beyond limits. As you consider the options for making an important educational investment in yourself, I wish you the best and know you’ll find the very best at NIT, NUST Islamabad.

Dr. S. Muhammad Jamil
Dean, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE)