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About Department

The Post Graduate program in the field of Construction Engineering & Management (CEM) at School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (SCEE) was started in Fall 2009. The objective of the program is to provide in-depth coverage of all established disciplines of Construction Engineering & Management such as Construction Engineering, Construction Technology, Project Management for Civil Engineering, Project Financing and Engineering Economy, Construction Contracts, Project Planning and Scheduling, Construction Equipment Management, Construction Methods, Risk Management, Construction Cost Estimation and Control, Safety Management in Construction etc.

This program is offered to graduates and professionals to enhance knowledge, skills and expertise to effectively and efficiently implement the construction practices and operation with innovative approaches. Construction Engineering and Management Program will provide full range of postgraduate teaching and research facilities. Specifically, the following are the objectives of the program:

  • To prepare graduates who are potential industry leaders, capable to implement the best engineering and management practices and technologies in the construction industry.

  • To continually work with industry to enhance the program’s effectiveness and the opportunities for innovation in the construction industry.

  • To conduct research in construction to develop advanced technologies and management approaches.

Areas of Specialization

The following areas of specialization are offered:

  • Construction Project Administration

  • Construction Planning, Scheduling & Control

  • Construction Cost Estimating & Control

  • Economic Decision Analysis in Construction

  • Safety Management in Construction

  • Risk Management in Construction

  • Construction Equipment Management

  • Environment Impact Assessment

  • Special Topics in Civil Engineering

Preferred Background

Masters Program:

Undergraduate Degree in Civil Engineering.

Doctoral Program:

Master Degree in Structural Engineering