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About Department

The Transportation Engineering field exposes students to the process of alleviating transportation problems. The coursework and research in the area provide advanced knowledge in transportation planning and economics, traffic engineering, and the design of highways/ pavements and other transportation facilities. Transportation Engineering students acquire advanced skills concerning the planning, design, operations, maintenance, rehabilitation, performance, and evaluation of transportation systems, including their economic and public policy aspects.

The field imbibes in each student the development of analytic, problem-solving, design, and management skills suitable for public and private sector professional work.

Areas of Specialization

NICE offers the following areas of specialization: 
  • Rutting and Fatigue Modeling
  • Asphalt Concrete Mix Design Studies
  • Performance Related Testing and Specifications
  • Asphalt Pavement Recycling
  • Urban Transportation Systems
  • Traffic Studies
  • Logistics Cost Studies

Preferred Background

Masters Program:

Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering.

Doctoral Program:

Masters degree in Transportation Engineering and other related engineering fields