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Urban and Regional Planning field exposes students for the process of mitigating Urban & Regional Planning issues like Urban Infrastructure, Environment, Work & Transport, City Limits, Up Hazard Growth of Peri-Urban Areas, Urbanization etc. the coursework and research in the area provide advanced knowledge in Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Economics, Transportation Planning & Design, Public Transport/mass Transit , Infrastructure Design, Urban Poverty, Urban Hazards, Geographical Information System(GIS) etc.

The field imbibes in each student the development of analytical, problem-solving, design and management skills suitable for public & private sectors professional work.

AreaS of specialization

URP offers the following areas of specialization:

  • Urban Planning
  • Rural and Regional Planning
  • Urban Transportation Systems
  • Urban Economic
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Public Transport Planning
  • Urban Infrastructure Management
  • Built Environment