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Alumni Mission & Objectives


“The SCEE Alumni Association shall serve as a medium for alumni’s to build and maintain lifelong relations with the their parent institute and school, so as to stimulate interest, build loyalty, increase development and generate support (monetary and other) for the School and its enrolled students.”​


  • Promoting a strong relationship between Alumni and SCEE.
  • Encourage the growth of SCEE in terms of its academic, administrative, cultural and extracurricular activities through appropriate programs which will be run by SAA.
  • Maintain an effective Alumni database, keep its records up-to-date and provide its access to all university users.
  • Develop and maintain a marketing plan for a strong SAA membership program and other such income oriented programs.
  • Plan, arrange and execute events initiated by SAA for the Alumni body
  • Highlight the achievements of prominent SCEE Alumni.
  • Nurturing mutually beneficial relationship between SCEE and its Alumni and provide the Alumni body with ample opportunities to serve the School, its faculty and its students.
  • Providing SCEE with insight from the Alumni, into the needs of the communities it serves.
  • Provide financial support to SCEE and its programs through a fund.
  • Inform Alumni and friends about the achievements and development plans of the University as well as the Association through a comprehensive communications and marketing program