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Sustainable development is the ultimate solution to meet the challenges of today without complicating the availability of resources for the future generations. The intensity of environmental footprint must be reduced by developing new products and processes to meet the sustainability needs. Innovative chemical processes with high performances and low environmental impact are crucial for sustainable development. With this perspective membrane technology offers new opportunities in process design, rationalization and optimization.

A membrane is a selective barrier between two phases controlling mass and energy exchange in a very specific way. Membrane processes have the potential to contribute in Process Intensification as these process are energy efficient, environmental friendly and easy to scale up. Therefore, membrane processes should be integrated in existing chemical processes to contribute in meeting the sustainability criteria by respecting the ecosystem. Membrane processes improve the energy efficiency and raise the level of sustainability in comparison to traditional processes. Membrane processes are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

The Membrane Research Group (MEMAR) at the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME) was conceived in September 2012 and is growing since then substantially.

MEMAR group is determined to:

  • Carry out excellent, interdisciplinary research in the fields of water treatment and gas separations with a focus on CO2 capture from natural gas and flue gases;
  • Provide excellent learning and research opportunities to resolve our water, energy and environment related problems; 
  • Establish active collaboration with relevant industry partners to ascertain knowledge transfer and relevant research directions;
  • Make a significant contribution to global challenges with the vision 'Clean Energy, Clean Water and Clean Environment for Everyone.
  • It would be a great pleasure to work with you and invite you to collaborate, visit, and invite us to tell you about our work that will help us fulfill our vision!


    Dr. Engr. Arshad Hussain


    School of Chemical and Materials Engineering (SCME)

    National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

    H-12 Islamabad, Pakistan

    Telephone: 0092-051-90855001

    Email Address: