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  • ​Faculty:
  • Dr. Arshad Hussain
  • Dr. Muhammad Mujahid
  • Dr. Sarah Farrukh
  • Dr. Muhammad Ahsan
  • Projects:
    • CO2 capture from natural and flue gases using polymeric membranes (Pak-Norway project): 18.1 million Rs.
    • Exploration OF 2-D nano sheets based composites for gas barrier applications (NRPU-HEC): 7.1 million Rs.
    • CO2 Capture analysis of composite membrane to reduce Hazardous Effects of CO2 on Environment (SRGP-HEC): 0.4 million Rs.
    • Mechanical Characterization of Carbon Glass fiber / Nanoparticles – Epoxy Hybrid Polymeric Composites (NESCOM): 0.5 million Rs.