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PhD-Thesis-Defence Shahid Ameer
Start Date 
End Date 
 SCME Seminar Hall, NUST.
​Mr. Shahid Ameer, a PhD student of SCME, is going to defend his Doctoral Research thesis at 1500 hours on 31 Oct 2017 at SCME Seminar Hall. NUST Main Campus, Sector H-12, Islamabad. His Research Title is 'Microwave Absorption Studies of Graphene (Pristine, Functionalized)-Nano Ferrites Nanocomposite'.

It would be great honor for SCME if honorable faculty/officers/scientists/scholars from your esteemed institution/organization witness the Doctoral Research Thesis Defence at the above mentioned date and time. It will be appreciated if the particulars of participants/witnesses arecommunicated to HoD Materials Engineering well in time for necessary admin arrangements.