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MS and PhD in Materials and Surface Enggineering

Materials and surface engineering use their specialized training in subjects related to engineering, physics and chemistry to improve the performance of materials used in all types of technological applications. Materials and surface engineering deals with the design of processing techniques to create materials with optimized performance in electronic, magnetic, optical, chemical, or biological applications is achieved by controlling the microstructure of the material. The engineering program at SCME offers state of the art computing, characterization facilities, rapid prototyping, and machine shop facilities that are readily accessible to MS and PhD students in engineering. Those concentrating in materials and surface engineering also have opportunities to utilize the outstanding facilities in materials and surface engineering for research and teaching. These specialized facilities are typically utilized by students during the laboratory component of the materials and surface engineering curriculum and during independent research sponsored by a faculty member.

The materials and surface engineering program aims to produce engineers who:

  • Pursue multidisciplinary scientific and technical careers beginning with entry-level engineering positions in industry or graduate study in materials science and engineering and related fields.
  • Apply an engineering problem-solving approach combined with a broad appreciation for the liberal arts to inform and develop their understanding of current societal needs and values to achieve leadership positions in their chosen fields of endeavor.