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Course Description



4 Years

Credit Hours





School of Chemical & Materials Engineering (SCME), NUST, Islamabad


    After consulting the guidelines outlined by Higher Education Commission (HEC), a tentative breakdown of coursework has been devised. The students would be required to complete 136 Cumulative Credit Hours (CCH). The coursework would have 3 major components: (a) General Engineering education, (b) Core courses, and (c) Technical electives. During their third year, the students would be allowed to opt for majoring in Industrial Engineering or Surface Engineering by taking four courses from either category. Such an option will facilitate students’ placement in industry or research-oriented environment depending on his/her aptitude and inclination. A student opting for one of these majors could take technical electives from that particular group only.

HEC Uniform Framework Policy

According to HEC uniform framework of undergraduate programs policy, the ratio of Engineering to Non-Engineering courses for an approved UG Engineering program should be:

Engineering Courses:                                      65% to 70%

Non Engineering Courses                               35% to 30%

In the proposed BE in Materials Engineering program at SCME, this ratio is respected as following:

                Course Type                                           Credit Hours (CH)                 Percentage
1              Engineering Courses                           89                                             65.44
2              Non Engineering Courses                  47                                             34.56

Summer Internship (0 credit hours)

At the end of third year, each student would participate in a training program of 4-8 weeks duration. After the training, a Pass/Fail grade would be assigned, based on formal written report submitted by the student.

Total Degree Requirements (136 credit hours)

Following is the subject wise, semester wise and category wise course distribution in the BE Materials Engineering Program :