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Chinese delegate alongwith HEC members visited NUST-SEECS 10th July, 2019
Chinese delegate alongwith HEC members visited NUST-SEECS
10th July, 2019

Higher Education Commission (HEC) with the support of Government of Pakistan has invested greatly in the higher education sector to uplift academic standards and improve the quality of education. HEC has laid emphasis on optimum use of information technologies to enhance opportunities for higher education. Advances in Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) have provided new avenues of rapid expansion in provision of quality education. The HEC's Vision 2025 also aims to ensure a comprehensive ICT plan to develop a knowledge-society while providing means and resources to higher education institutions for strengthening computing, collaboration and telecommunications infrastructure.
The ICT technology interventions have contributed enormously in changing the learning and teaching practices. Interactive smart classrooms is the emerging concept which has transformed the traditional teaching and learning and enabled the students and teachers to construct new knowledge by connecting with the world outside the classrooms, opening new possibilities to build new nodes of knowledge, depending on their needs and learning styles. The concept of Smart Classroom is emerging across the world and being adopted by the academic institutions at all levels to converge the virtual connectivity with auto audio/video tracking, Interactive Digital Boards, Learning Management Systems, E-Learning and E-Assessments.
The delegation evaluated the infrastructure such as Classroom (Air conditioning, appearance, furniture etc.), electric power conditions, IT infrastructure (Data Center / Server rooms) and smart classroom setup.