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NUST-SEECS Internet of Things Research boot camp 2018

IoT research camp

Research camp is a blend of intensive & exhaustive scientific research & development activities which covers months’ worth of material in a week. This camp gives students an opportunity to conduct scientific research with faculty mentors in an informal workshop environment where student learn how to conduct independent and group research. It also provides a platform to exchange cutting edge and modern developments in Internet of Things (IoT) technology with early stage researchers, faculty members and leading industry experts. The camp activities encompass guest lectures, workshops, hands-on lab exercises, with a final competition for participants to contest for their developed projects during the camp.

New Concept of Scientific Learning

An explosive proliferation of IoT culture has been witnessed over the last decade which has reshaped the business and consumer models in all technological domains, ranging from common home and personal appliances to sophisticated and safety-critical systems. Being the flagship institute on technology, SEECS takes pride in conducting workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences and lectures on latest and modern research. In this context, SEECS introduces this new concept of scientific learning with an aim to provide essential and yet a comprehensive knowledge base on IoT in a short span of time. This camp is the first of its kind, ever offered in any IT institute across the country, enabling the participants to generate indigenous solutions to local problems and adding value to business using IoT technology.

Layout of research camp

Research camp is short by design, rigorous by activities and have a long lasting impact by its outcome. It is basically a talent hunt to seek those students who have a passion and aspiration for research and innovation. So the camp goal is to empower such talented and meticulous students with the ability to think creatively and design/develop innovative solutions to local technological problems.

Contents of IoT research camp

The research camp program is an intelligent mix of fundamental knowledge of IoT, research & innovative activities entailing hands-on experience, guest lectures by experience researchers and industry experts followed by brainstorming/discussion sessions, engaging  industry partners for  building collaborations, breadboard IoT system prototype and project report concluding the research camp.

Details of IoT Activities

In Research and innovative activities students will work independently and in groups. For group activities, students will be divided into group of 3 and develop product based and research based solutions. Case studies will be conducted based on local problems and propose paper based solutions either by making poster or power point presentation. All these activities will be supervised by Faculty. Group activities will be evaluated by faculty. For individual activities, participants will be given research problems for which they have to design and develop a solution independently. Individual activities will be evaluated by faculty.
There will be networking, brainstorming/discussion session, where informal discussions with Industry guests and experienced researchers to device sustainable solutions for key problems currently faced by the country in the spheres of Energy saving & power generation, water conservation, agriculture to combat food security, environment monitoring, improving health care, innovation in education, remote monitoring for security through smart solutions.
There will be opportunities to build collaborations with Industry partners by proposing a joint project which not only provide a product based solution to the indigenous problems but also maximize the opportunity for its commercialization so that the solution can reach out to local community

Hardware and Software Requirements

The hands-on activities will be mainly based on Arduino, Node MCU, commonly used sensors such as temperature, humidity, ultrasonic sensors, photo resistors, etc., Software Programming tools such as Python, R, Java, C, C#, Arduino IDE, Android SDK for mobile app development.

Skills Required

The research camp is targeting candidates who are already equipped with basic and advance programming skills. The hands-on activities are designed to be solved independently and in groups duly supervised by faculty mentors.

Who should apply?

We welcome those stalwart professionals and students who are passionate to learn and apply internet of things and keen to stay abreast with challenges of modern technology and also demonstrate a promising attitude to contribute and remain engaged in IoT research and development activities at SEECS after the research camp.

Total number of Available Slots

30 seats available on first come first serve basis. Registration will be time stamped.
Apply here:

Application Deadline, Cost & Award

We are charging a very reasonable amount compared to depth and breadth of knowledge we are offering through this program. Therefore, the payment should be made in full prior to admission.
Regular Fee: Rs. 16,000/-  (Rs. 12,000/- for early registration)
Early Registration Deadline/Discounts: 12pm, 29th June, 2018     

1.         For NUST Alumni & Students of other Universities *: Rs. 10,000/- (upon proof of NUST registration number or proof of a valid enrollment of an HEC recognized university)
2.         50% discount for current students of NUST.  [Rs. 8,000/-]

Last Date of Registration: 30th June, 2018

Mode of Payment

Payments are received through online deposit /bank draft/pay order / transfer to Account No: 2292 7000 746401 Habib Bank Ltd (Account Title: “NUST-SEECS Seminar/Workshop/Short Course A/C”). On Spot cash payment is not entertained. Please send your transaction reference number and payment screenshot /scanned receipt to for registration confirmation.


The boot camp groups who will stand first, and second in their projects will be given an award of Rs. 9000 and Rs. 6000 respectively.


The research camp will take place at NUST-SEECS.
Travel Arrangements:
The participants have to make their own travel arrangements.
What you should bring?
Every participant has to bring his/her own laptop as there will coding involved to develop a project.
Commitment to other activities:
As the course is very rigorous encompassing the intensive development and testing activities so it is less likely that the student will get extra time to be engaged in other activities


Please contact IoT Bootcamp coordinator