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SEECS Freshman Welcome '17
23rd November, 2017

The NUST-SEECS welcome party took place on the 23 rd Nov 2017, which was an extremely colorful affair, living up to the billing as per NUST’s ‘Cultural Night’. The liveliness of the event was best embodied by the attendees, who had come in their throngs. The cultural performances by the sophomores were the main attraction at the Welcome. Skits and acts representing the various parts of Pakistan played out on the stage. A number of Punjabi performances were conducted by the hosts of the evening, who entertained the audience with their traditional Punjabi comedy. They interacted with the audience in a light-hearted and playful manner often poking fun at other seniors for the delight of their juniors. Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi cultures all got turns entertaining us with various performances and presentations.

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