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Symposium on Control Systems 26-28th Sep, 2019
SEECS along with Automatic Control Research Society (ACRS) Pakistan was organized a Symposium on Control Systems from 26th to 28th September 2019 at SEECS seminar hall, NUST-SEECS H-12 Islamabad. The objective was to provide an opportunity to the researchers working on control systems to share their ideas for possible research collaboration and to provide the professional engineers (with a background in electrical/electronics, mechanical/aerospace/industrial/manufacturing engineering) a comprehensive treatment of linear and nonlinear control systems which so often arise in the application of engineering interest. The symposium covered in detail the synthesis and analysis aspects of feedback controllers for linear and nonlinear systems. Various tools pertaining to efficient design of robust and optimal controllers will be introduced, with an objective of achieving given performance specifications (such as obtaining desired transient response and steady-state error specifications while rejecting/attenuating the effect of known/unknown uncertainties and disturbances to which the systems are subjected to during their operation.