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Talk By Dr. Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal from FAST-NUCES 22nd Oct, 2019
Talk on The Automated Testing for Cockpit Display Systems of Avionics By  Dr. Zohaib Iqbal from FAST-NU, held on Tuesday, 22nd October at 12:00 in SEECS seminar room.


Avionics are highly critical systems that require extensive testing governed by international safety standards. Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) are an essential component of modern aircraft cockpits and display information from the user application (UA) using various widgets. A significant step in the testing of avionics is to evaluate whether these CDS are displaying the correct information. A common industrial practice is to manually test the information on these CDS by taking the aircraft into different scenarios during the simulation. Such testing is required very frequently and at various changes in the avionics. Given the large number of scenarios to test, manual testing of such behavior is a laborious activity.  We propose a model-based strategy for automated testing of the information displayed on CDS. Our testing approach focuses on evaluating that the information from the user applications is being displayed correctly on the CDS. For this purpose, we develop a profile for capturing the details of different widgets of the display screens using models. The profile is based on the ARINC 661 standard for Cockpit Display Systems. The expected behavior of the CDS visible on the screens of the aircraft is captured using constraints written in Object Constraint Language. We apply our approach to a Primary Flight Display (PFD). Our results showed that the proposed approach is able to automatically identify faults in the PFD. 

Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal, PhD 
Director ORIC and Associate Professor, FAST-NU
Director, QUEST- UAV Dependability Lab
President, Pakistan Software Testing Board
Chair, IEEE Computer Society, Islamabad Section