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Team RealPharma Wins Telenor DigiGov Hackfest 2018 in association with Microsoft

20th December, 2018

Kashif Nazir Khan and Muhammad Ahsan Farooq (student of BESE 2K16 at NUST – SEECS) participated in Telenor DigiGov Hackfest 2018 in association with Microsoft hosted at Telenor Headquarters 345, Islamabad from 16 - 18 Dec, 2018. The main theme was to improve public facilities provided by government. More than 70 participants attended from different universities. Our Team ‘RealPharma’ won first prize in said Hackfest. RealPharma presented idea to curb sale of fake medicine in Pakistan which holds up to 50% share of total pharmaceutical market.

Days Breakdown

On 1st day there was introduction to what this DigiGov hackfest is all about. Introduction to Microsoft Cloud technologies was also part of agenda. Further representatives of Microsoft UK interacted with participants and encouraged them to thinks big and use modern technologies to solves issues in public sector. There was ideation and teaming session, all participants were encouraged to form diverse teams and brainstorm idea.
Second day started out with Microsoft mentor’s sessions, discussing and evaluating idea. Mentors gave constructive criticism and ideas of many groups improved on provided feedback. A workshop on Gamification of Your Idea and User Experience was carried out by a representative from International Game Developers Association. Time was provided for working on prototype of your idea.
Third day started with working on prototype and deploying your application on Microsoft Cloud Services. Pitching Session started as of noon. Judges included from Ignite, Ministry of IT, Telenor Pakistan and Microsoft UK. Results were announced later and final ceremony was held with award distribution.


According to Pakistan Medical Association total pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan is 343 Billion PKR. Research carried out by ‘Campaign For Fighting Diseases’ suggest around 40-50% of total supply of medicine is fake.


The idea was to digitize the whole supply chain of pharmaceuticals using blockchain keeping track of every medicine being produced by ‘real’ manufacturers. On top of this blockchain supply chain solution, every medicine comes up with a scratchable code just like mobile top up cards. Whenever, consumer purchases medicine he just needs to enter the code provided on medicine and our system will tell details of medicine that include the name of medicine, the name of medicine store it was provided to, manufacturing date and expiry date. If ground facts have harmony to actual product bought, it means the medicine is genuine. If ground facts conflict, this is case of sale of fake medicine. User can report sale of fake medicine and further actions could be taken on part of government and manufacturer to blacklist that medical store.

Business Plan

This supply chain solution will be provided to medicine manufacturers on subscription base and he will be responsible to convince distributors and medical store owners to use the system. As far manufacturer is concerned, his sales would be boosted as fake medicine (50%) would be out of market and further his reputation that was on stake due fake medicine sale on their name would be minimized.

What’s Next

We are working on making Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and soon pilot it. If things go as scheduled our product is going to available for testing by June, 2019.