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Ufone Summer Internship Achievements - 3rd October, 2019
BESE-16K batch student, Hadiqa Alamdar Bukhari, has been awarded the Most Promising Resource award by Ufone in the Ufone summer internship program (SIP). The duration of SIP was 8 weeks, from June 17th to August 12th 2019.
She got accepted into this program after giving the online test for Ufone and passed their interview process when they came to recruit at NUST.
During the internship, Hadiqa worked on a reverse engineering and automation project in Ufone under the supervision of her line manager, Sir Abdul Ghaffar, in the Customer Relationship Management and Value Added Services Applications department.
As a part of this project, she worked on full stack development and making the back-end database of the company, connect with a front-end web application, with the use of servers.
As a part of the internship, she also attended different seminars and workshops hosted by Ufone like:
- Resume making workshop
- Introduction to Telecom and Corporate Strategy workshop
- Microsoft Excel workshop
- Effective Communication Skills workshop
- Career Path Management workshop
In addition to these workshops, she also participated in different corporate social responsibility activities like:
- Tree plantation drive
- Visit to Hunehaar Foundation