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Winners of Telenor Hackathon 2018
15th May, 2018
NUST SEECS Software Engineering students, Muhammad Usama Ghani (BESE-6 SEECS), Burhan Ul Tayyab  (BESE-6 SEECS) & Usama Zameer  (BSCS-5 SEECS) recently  won First prize in Telenor hackathon 2018 for their project, Vixum.
Team members and Faculty advisor:
Muhammad Usama Ghani (BESE-6 SEECS)
Burhan Ul Tayyab  (BESE-6 SEECS)
Usama Zameer  (BSCS-5 SEECS)
Advisor: Dr. Muhammad Ali Tahir
Details of the project
Vixum: The virtual eye, a pair of glasses for blind and visually challenged people to help them overcome the barriers of blindness for the sake of reducing gape between normal and visually challenged people to enable them live and work with normal people.
Details of competition Telenor Hackathon 2018
Telenor Pakistan, the country’s foremost telecom and digital services provider, hosted ‘Telenor Hackathon 2018’ at its campus ‘345’ in Islamabad. The 4 day event brought together tech loving university students, fresh graduates, entry level professionals, Telenor Pakistan employees and startups from across Pakistan to showcase their innovative ideas for solving problems prevalent in our society.
The event kick-started with an opening ceremony which was attended by Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, Telenor’s management and media personnel, followed by a campus tour for the participants and an orientation session on different APIs which were at their disposal during the hackathon. Over the next 36 hours, participants engaged in intensive sessions of brainstorming and coding to bring their out-of-box ideas to life.
The event took place starting from 11th May 2018. The teams came to Telenor 345 Islamabad building.
• 11th May, 2018: 2:30 PM to 9:00 PM
• 12th May, 2018: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
• 13th May, 2018: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
• 14th May, 2018: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM