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Clubs & Socities
SEECS Student Bodies

Students of SEECS are provided with ample opportunities to acquire social and professional skills through activities of student clubs and societies. For this purpose, vibrant societies and clubs exist at University & Institute Level. Following clubs & societies are headed (and run) by SEECS faculty:

University Level Clubs and Societies:
​S. No ​Name ​ ​Faculty Sponsors
​1 ​NUST Entrepreneur Club (NEC) ​Engr Taufique-ur-Rehman (RVF) ​Ms Komal Malik (Lecturer)
​2 ​NUST Excursion Club (NXC) ​Dr. Imran Malik (Assistant Professor) ​Mr Ahsen Gul (Lab Engineer)
​3 ​NUST Cyber Security Club ​Dr Shahzad Saleem (Assistant Professor) ​Dr Hassan Tahir (Assistant Professor)
​4 ​NUST Fitness Club (NFC) ​Dr Iftikhar Ahmed Rana (Assistant Professor)
​Mr Bilal Farooq (Actg/ Web Master)
Institute Level Clubs & Socities:

​S. No ​Name ​Faculty Sponsor
​1 ​NUST Student Forum (NSF) – SEECS Chapter Engr Taufique-ur-Rehman (RVF)
​2 ​Student Government Association (SGA) - SEECS Engr Taufique-ur-Rehman (RVF)
​3 ​ACM Student Chapter - SEECS ​Dr Seemab Latif (Assistant Professor)
​4 ​IEEE Student Chapter - SEECS ​Dr  Hassan Aqeel (Assistant Professor)
​5 ​Youth Entrepreneur Society (YES) - SEECS Mr Maajid Maqbool (Assistant Professor)
​6 ​TABA (وَتَعَاوَنُوا عَلَى الْبِرِّ وَالتَّقْوَ ى). - SEECS Mr Maajid Maqbool (Assistant Professor)