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Industry Talks and Seminars
Leading researchers and renowned Industry heads are invited to SEECS to give talks to students on many topics, with the purpose of creating awareness and passion for emerging technologies, global and local challenges and their solutions, best industry practices.

Guest Speakers 2019: 

​S. No ​Speaker ​Designation ​Industry ​Date of Visit ​​Topic
1 ​Mr. Afan Dar ​Engineering Manager ​Microsoft ​​27th January, 2019 ​Internet of Things (IoT)
​2 ​Dr. Fahim ​​CEO ​SciFlair Ltd ​21st March, 2019 ​Internet of things & its integrated applications
​3 ​Dr. Terry Cousens ​Senior Lecturer ​School of Civil Engineering​, University of LEEDS ​17th April, 2019 ​Future of Engineering 
​4 ​Dr. Amir Iqbal Bhatti ​Professor  ​CUST, Islamabad ​25th April, 2019  ​Sliding Mode Control (SMC)
​5 ​Prof. Yi Zhong ​Professor ​Huazhong univeristy of Science & Technology (HUST) ​8th July, 2019
​6 ​Dr. Hafiz Farooq ​Associate Professor ​King Faisal University ​17 July, 2019 ​High Impact Publishing
​7 ​Dr. Irfan Ghuri ​Director of operations (OAI) ​Eurecom, France ​18th July, 2019 ​Open Air Interface
​8 ​Dr. Ali Mustafa Qamar ​Professor ​College of Computer, Qasim University KSA ​5th Aug, 2019 ​Similarity Learning for Parallel Architectures
​9 ​Dr. Abul Karim ​Professor ​International Islamic University, Islamabad ​17-18th Sep, 2019 ​Personality Grooming  and Social Responsibilities in the light of Quran
​10 ​Mr. Maryam ​Data Engineer ​Zong ​24th Sep, 2019 ​Planning your future career or studies.  It’s the attitude that matters
​11 Mr. Adnan Daud GM Ufone 25th Sep, 2019 Skill set required for job search ​
​​Guest Speakers 2018:
​S. No
​Speaker Designation ​Industry ​Date of Visit Topic​
1​ ​Dr. Atif Mansoor ​Professor ​University of Western Australia (UWA) ​2nd January, 2018 ​Internet of Things to IoT landscape, opportunities, challenges, and its practical examples.
​2 ​Professor Dr. Amir Iqbal Bhatti ​Professor ​CUST ​4th January, 2018 ​Complete System Level Design of Electronically Scanned Phased Array Radar’
​3 ​Mr. Saqlain Tahir ​Sr. Technical Account Manager

​Microsoft ​9th January, 2018 ​Importance of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
​4 ​Mr. Waqas Akbar ​Manager ​Google, California, USA
​10th January, 2018 ​Google and the culture of innovation
​5 ​Mr. Zubair Khan ​Founder & CEO ​TRANCHULUS ​13th February, 2018 ​International Startup Grind
​6 ​Dr. Mohammed Jahangir ​lead Algorithm Designer ​Thales (company develops radar apps) ​30th March, 2018 ​Machine Learning for Detection of Drones Using Radars
​7 ​Prof. Maj Gen (R ) S M Shahab Naqvi ​Principal ​Rawal Institute of Health Sciences ​4th April, 2018 ​Deceased Organ Donation
​8 ​Dr. Sohail Khan ​Scientist ​Center of Energy, Austrian Institute of Technology ​3rd May, 2018 ​Modeling and simulation of power system dynamics using OpenIPSL
​9 ​Dr. Lan Willis ​Professor ​University of Liverpool ​15th May, 2018 ​Role of Educational Technologists
​10 ​Dr. Aasim Sajjad Akhtar ​Faculty ​ LUMS Former Senior Policy and Development Analyst ​23rd May, 2018 ​Role of Critical thinking in Engineering
​11 ​Dr. Suleiman Ali Khan ​Senior Machine Learning Scientist ​University of Helsinki, Finland 23rd May, 2018 ​Machine Learning at Scale
​12 ​Mr. Saad Hamid ​digital evangelist ​25th May, 2018 ​Digital Citizenship: Ethics, Expertise, Engagement
​13 ​Dr. Khalid Saeed ​Faculty Worcester Polytechnic institute Massachusetts ​29th June, 2018 ​System Dynamics: An Alternative Calculus for Understanding Complexity
​14 ​Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Ran
​Assistant Professor ​NUST-SEECS ​13th July, 2018 10th Exylent  Workshop
​15 ​Dr Hamid Mukhtar and Dr Ali Mustafa Qamar Assistant Professors NUST-SEECS ​23rd Aug, 2018 ​Web scraping and natural language processing
For data science
​16 ​Mr. Atif Humayun ​Counsulting Manager
​Oracle ​9th November, 2018 ​Autonomous database & machine learning
​17 ​Professor Jaleel Aali ​Writer & Poet ​Writer ​2nd November, 2018
​Allama Iqbal