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Lab Facilities

Teaching Lab Facilities

S. No Teaching Labs
1 Computing Lab 1 (Shirazi)
2 Computing Lab 2 (Farabi)
3 Computing Lab 3 (Biruni)
4 Computing Lab 4 (Babbage)
5 Computing Lab 5 (Turing)
6 Media Lab

Research Lab Facilities

S. No Research Labs Labs Director
1 CEMC (Center of Excellence in Mobile Computing) Lab

Dr. Seemab Latif

2 HPC (High Performance Computing) Lab
Dr. S​ohail Iqbal
3 KTH Lab
Dr. Shahzad Saleem
4 TUKL-NUST R&D Center
Dr. Faisal Shafait
5 IoT Lab
Dr. Rafia Mumtaz
6 Center for Research in Modeling, Simulation & Vision (CRIMSON) Lab
Dr. Imran Mahmood
7 KBS (Knowledge-Based Systems) Lab
Dr. Sharifullah Khan​