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About Department
The Electrical Engineering (EE) department at NUST SEECS currently offers an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering with various specializations and a strong post-graduate program leading to PhD in Electrical Engineering. The EE department offers a broad range of EE courses, both elementary and advanced, spanning the whole gamut of EE disciplines including areas such as electronics, electrical machines, power engineering, control systems, computer systems, communication systems and networks.

The EE department aims to achieve academic and research leadership in its subject area through its well-designed curriculum (that emphasizes conceptual understanding and fosters creativity) coupled with its strong focus on research, innovation, and industry-liaison. NUST SEECS also strongly emphasizes on imbibing the graduates with sound professional ethics.

Summarizing, the broad objectives of the EE department are as follows:

  1. To develop EE graduates having a concrete knowledge-base spanning the broad range of basic EE disciplines through a strong focus on teaching excellence..

  2. To develop practically skilled EE graduates who can contribute significantly immediately after graduation through a strong focus on incorporating practical skills in laboratory work.

To imbibe graduates with analytical and critical reasoning, and problem-solving skills through a strong focus on fostering research and innovation.