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Course Description
The MS (IT) degree aims to equip graduates with a range of technical, business and behavioral skills needed for the successful implementation and management of Information Technology in todays’ business environment. Graduates of the program take appropriate IT professional positions in industry and organizations, or pursue higher education and research in related disciplines.

Why join this program

The Masters of Information Technology curriculum inculcates advance knowledge of information and communication technology. It is an ideal choice for a student who wishes to enhance his/her expertise with specialist IT knowledge. Based on their learning and research interactions, MSIT students at Department of Computing get a unique exposure by visiting world-class research labs, both for short and long-term projects.

Associated Careers

The graduates of our MSIT program have gone on to achieve success in both industry and research in Information Technology and Computing. They attribute their success to the high quality of teaching and emphasis on research activities. The graduates are working in various national and multinational IT firms as research scientists, managers, business analysts, network system analysts, and a few of them are successful technology entrepreneurs.